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Charlestown Vets June 3, 2010

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During the last half term, the Nursery class have been finding out all about different animals. We learnt about wild animals and where they live. We also found out about domestic animals and the pets we have at home. We talked about our own pets and how to look after them. A lot of the children have got dogs or cats, but some children have fish, snakes and even a parrot!

We turned our Writing Area into a vets surgery. We had a small reception area where the “secretary” could answer the phone and book patients in to see the vet. Children pretended to take their poorly pets to see a vet. We had a go at bandaging paws and ears. While we were in the waiting area, there were leaflets and magazines for us to read. If we pretended to be the vet, we got to dress up with masks, gloves, a hat and an apron.


Traditional tales February 17, 2010

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During the last half term the Nursery children read many different traditional stories. We tried to focus on a different one each week. Throughout the topic we got to do many things including dressing up as some of the characters, role play, writing letters to the Elves and Golilocks. We made porridge, although Goldilocks didn’t eat ours! We also got to speak to some of the characters on the phone. We told the wolf that he has to be kind to the 3 little pigs!


Nursery Homework January 7, 2010

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Hi Nursery

I hope you are all enjoying the extra few days at home. It was nice to see some of you on Tuesday. I hope our snowman is still there when we go back next week.

Our new topic is going to be about Traditional Tales. These are some of the stories that we will be reading:

*The Three Billy Goats Gruff

*The Elves and the Shoemaker

*Goldilocks and the Three Bears

*Jack and the Beanstalk

*The Three Little Pigs

We will be reading the stories and pretending to be the characters. We plan to do lots of activities from the stories eg role play, counting, measuring and construction (making bridges, shoes and houses).

If you have any of these stories at home and would like to bring them in, please do. We will be reading different versions of the same story, to see if the endings are the same.

I hope to see you all next week. Until then, have lots of fun in the snow!

See you soon,

Mrs Moody