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Thoughts on Learning October 9, 2009

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Over the past few weeks we have been working together in a different way.   Almost all of our work has been in small groups and partnerships.   This has not been easy to do as we have had to learn how to get on with each other and cooperate in teams.

Mr Kirkpatrick asked some tricky questions to the children to try and find out what they thought about the past few weeks.


Children’s Views February 10, 2009

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Just before Christmas Year Six conducted a survey to find out what the children at Charlestown really think of the school. It was conducted anonymously and really helped the teachers and governors understand what the children think about the school that we all share.   Here are the results:


More surveys November 11, 2008

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Not content with doing a litter survey, which is still ongoing, we’ve decided to try out some other surveys of our own. There were some brilliant ideas that we came up with.

So at the moment we’re investigating these areas / questions and graphing our results to see what is happening.

1. Do the number of displays that have pictures on them decrease the further up the school you get?

2. Have sports cars got progressively faster as the years have gone by?

3. Which drinks are the most popular at lunchtimes?

4. Which classes have the greatest amount of paper recycling and why?

5. Which type of football player is the most popular in each class, do strikers get all the glory?

The results should be pretty interesting!