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Year 2 gets a little visitor! October 7, 2009

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Year 2 have been learning about the differences between new born babies and toddlers in Science.  We talked about the kinds of things babies and toddlers can do, what they eat and what they like to play with.  The children then worked in pairs to think of questions they wanted to find the answers to.  We then invited some visitors in to talk about their babies.  Unfortunately, Terri was unable to make it with her new born baby, but Natalie came with toddler Ryan, who was a little bit scared of all the attention!  The children asked Natalie lots of questions about babies and toddlers and found out a lot of information to help them with their learning.



Finding out about Minibeasts April 30, 2009

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We watched these two snails move along the wood. They eventually went past each other.

We watched these two snails move along the wood. They eventually went past each other.

We could see lots of snails on the other side of our fence. They were all along the grass.

We could see lots of snails on the other side of our fence. They were all along the grass.

This half term Reception are finding out all about Minibeasts. This week we are learning about snails. On Monday morning it was raining and we saw lots of snails in the outdoor area. Some children managed to count 31 snails altogether.


We have learnt lots of facts about snails.

“Snails have hard shells.”    Sarah

“Snails have got thousands of tiny teeth on their tongue.”   Rebecca

“They have tiny eyes on stalks.”    Cobie

“They have feelers.”   Keenan

“We saw snails slither over each other.”   Cameron


Finding out about mini beasts April 28, 2009

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This week the nursery have been finding out about different mini beasts. Today it was a wet day so we went out side and looked for snails. The children were very excited to find so many snails. They watched carefully as they moved and peeped their heads out their shells.


SATs Challenge Day 7 April 10, 2009

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Have a look at the new sidebar on our site.   Its shows a collection of videos that I’m putting together on MrKp’s Useful Videos.   There are some really useful short videos to help you remember things and longer ones to help you with how to do different calculations.

Today’s challenge is to try and learn one or even two of the songs that are on here.   Keep checking it out – we’re going to be adding to it ourselves as part of our SATs revision when we get back.


Our Tatties! March 23, 2009

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year 1's potatoes

As you can see our potatoes have really taken off !


year 1 are growing March 11, 2009

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They're waking up!

They're waking up!

Year 1 were very excited to see our potatoes have sprouted this week. We’ll be keeping our eyes on them, not to mention our rulers (to measure their growth) and our noses to smell the plants! (Some of us have also been touching and feeling the new shoots with their tiny leaves, though we have to be very careful not to disturb them).


Year 4 Science

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year4Year4Year 4 have been learning about solids and liquids this half term.  This week, they were asked to solve a problem.  Each group of children were given a cup containing a mixture of solids (sugar and dried peas), and asked to separate them completely.  There was only one rule.  When the task was finished there must not be any sugar in with the peas and no peas in with the sugar.

The children came up with lots of ideas of how they were going to do this.  Most children settled on the idea of using a sieve, but some decided they wanted to separate the sugar and peas using their hands.  All the children found that they had some problems when they were trying to solve the problem, but they worked very hard together, as a team, to overcome them.