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Nursery and Reception learnt about Islamic food and festivals July 20, 2010

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Some of our Muslim mums very kindly brought in traditionl food and clothes from Algeria, Jordan and Libya.Chicken and Rice - nice

Traditional dress form Algeria

The children  from nursery and reception asked questions about Ramadan and Eid. We all had a taste of the food, and some children tried on the clothes. We had a lovely morning and have enjoyed learning about Islam all week.


Hatching chicks in reception ! The Diary March 1, 2010

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Today the eggs have arrived!   We are very excited and can’t wait for them to hatch. We have had to learn how to look after them in the incubator. We think they will hatch on  Wednesday but we will be blogging every day for the next 2 weeks with pictures and videos.

Todays blog is written by Kane and Brooke;

Day 1

The eggs have not moved. They are keeping warm,the chicks are growing inside the eggs.

Day 2

The whole class decided that we should tell you that today one  of the eggs has been moving!  We know that this is a sign that the egg will hatch very soon. Keep watching !!

Day 3   (wow!)

written by Oliver and Thomas

Today some eggs cracked and 3 chicks came out.

They are cute.They keep saying cheep cheep!

We are really hoping that the other eggs hatch this evening !!   fingers crossed.

Day 4   ( what a surprise!)

The whole class wants to tell you that when we came into school this morning, there were nine fluffy chicks running around the incubator !

Today we put them in a bigger box ( a brooder) and we fed them and gave them water to drink. They seem very happy. They keep falling asleep as they are walking around ! They are very funny to watch.The children love to sit and watch the brooder, better than the tele!

The sad news is that the 10th chick did not hatch, it is sad but that’s how life goes, bless.

Day 5

Today we got to know the chicks a little better. We had to clean the brooder (ooh! poo! ) so we put the chicks on our carpet and we all held a chick , they seemed to like being held and some fell asleep on our knees!  Year 2 came to visit and they held the chicks too. We think the chicks were very tired after that as they went to sleep in their nice clean brooder.  Have a great weekend chicks, see you Monday.

Day 7

Today we sat  in a  tight circle and put the chicks in the middle of us to run around. We looked carefully at the chicks and talked about the things we liked about them. We noticed that the chicks have changed. They have grown real feathers on their wings and some of their fluff has gone. They have started to flap their wings  and jump,  they seem to be trying to fly! This made us laugh, as did the poo! ( ah, well!)


Valentines from America ! February 24, 2010

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In reception we have been writing to our pen pals in California. They sent us some Halloween presents and we sent them lots of goodies and cards about Autumn in the UK. Just before the end of half term we received a surprise package, it was full of Valentines cards from our friends in Redlands Primary School, California! We were very pleased and we displayed their cards with our Valentines messages and pictures. We are getting ready to send an Easter package over to them.


hi reception children ! January 8, 2010

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hello everyone !!

I hope you are all enjoying the snow and have made some great snowmen!

When we get back on Monday we are going to be thinking about super heroes and princesses!! We are going to be Ben10 and Spiderman and make omnitrixes and rescue princesses!! We are going to write secret  messages and fly off using our super powers!!

Sound  like fun? I can’t wait!! see you all Monday.

If you have any ‘finished with’ super hero figures ,princess dolls  or  comics about super heroes that we can use please bring them in!  ( don’t bring in things that you want back as they often get broken or lost at school )

Mrs. Allcock and Mrs. Mullinuex


Bronze Credit Card Day December 3, 2009

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Yesterday was the first of our school Behaviour Credit Card Days.  The vast majority of the school who have behaved well this term and recieved their Bronze award were invited to a cinema afternoon in the hall wearing their own clothes.  Mr. Kirkpatrick even told the children that they could bring in a chocolate bar too!   So much for being a ‘Healthy School!’

Everyone had a great time and it was well deserved!


Reception Parents SHARE Learning October 14, 2009

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Parents of childern in our Reception class came in to school today for the second SHARE session. It was led by Mrs Allcock and Mrs Jones. The children made ‘feely boxes’ out of shoe boxes and pieces of material. Everybody had fun and it was great to see parents and children working together.


The X~Factor, reception style! September 21, 2009

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yearr the judges!We were enjoying singing so much that we decided to have an X factor stage in our class room last week! Mrs. Mullineux made a stage and I found a microphone and tape recorder so that we could tape ourselves singing. We had great fun singing all week and achieved some of our creative learning and literacy goals whilst we did it!    Just take a look at the stars of the future!!year r xfactor year r xfactor

yearr xfactoryearr xfactor

yearr x factor

the band !