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Platinum Behaviour Day July 22, 2010

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For our Platinum behaviour day the children worked with an artist to create a mural in our playground.

Rob helped the children to spray their initals on the wall and each child added their own picture.

We all had a fantastic day and the mural looks great!


Dance E-jay January 14, 2010

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In Year Five yeasterday we started our unit on making Dance music using DFance E-jay.

We learned how to sort and select samples and began to put them into our own tracks.   It was great fun.   Hopefully soon we’ll have some music to play online and maybe even an album to release!


Slightly randomly here’s a video of Year 5 taking up their models at the end of our D+T week last term.   I forgot to post it then – sorry everyone!


Learn about the Tudors October 23, 2009

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This term year 4 have been studying the Tudors, they have found it to be far more exciting than they ever realised history could be.

As year 4 just couldn’t get enough of the Tudors, we have created an online learning experience, where the children can complete activities, play fun games and extend their knowledge of the Tudors.

Above each image or title you will find some notes and links each of which, when clicked on, will take you to some terrific Tudor sites.

Click on the image to open the link 

Click on the image to open the link


Thoughts on Learning October 9, 2009

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Over the past few weeks we have been working together in a different way.   Almost all of our work has been in small groups and partnerships.   This has not been easy to do as we have had to learn how to get on with each other and cooperate in teams.

Mr Kirkpatrick asked some tricky questions to the children to try and find out what they thought about the past few weeks.


Dinosaurs in my office! June 24, 2009

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dinoYear 6 are busy reconstructing dinosaurs as a timed challenge. John, our caretaker used our new jigsaw to cut out the pieces from MDF using a template. It took him ages! The children have worked collaboratively to follow a set of instructions and create a model dinosaur. The best time so far is just under 25 minutes.


The worlds greatest tightrope walker November 7, 2008

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This week as part of our Victorian project we have been finding out about Jean Blondin who walked across Niagra Falls 1857, however to make it more exciting he did it with his manager on his back!

We read all about Blondin and have practiced Reading out the final part of the story. Ben, Paige, Reece, Demi and Conner read out the story which we recorded.

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five