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Who is ‘Second in The World’? March 11, 2010

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This is a screen shot taken from Tutpup, an online maths challenge for school children around the world. In second place is Orangepig1285; our very own Chloe Byrne! What a fantastic achievement Chloe!


Year 6 Homework January 7, 2010

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Hi Year 6,

Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year!  So Sorry the bad weather has delayed our return to school but don’t worry, we’ll be back at it very soon!  Hope you’ve had lots of fun in the snow without injury.

As you know, our target at the moment in Maths is to learn our times tables.  Please continue to do this a home and have a look on this link

it may make it a bit more fun!

You may also remember that our target in English has been to use paragraphs. This link maybe be useful to recap your memory, have a look…

If you get really bored you may want to write an account of what you have been up to during your break, in paragraphs of course!  It would be great if you could also include some clauses….  such as:

I took my new bike, which is bright red and goes really fast, for a spin around the park.

Finally, I have been working on our new topic which is called ‘All at sea!’  I’ll keep you guessing on that one!  Have a think about what kind of things you would like to learn in this topic-ship wrecks, sea creatures, evolution, the oceans of the world? I look forward to hearing all your great ideas!

Take care and enjoy the rest of your extended holiday!

Mrs Batty


Maths Crosswords September 17, 2009

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crossword In Maths this week we have been concentrating on using our times tables and being able to write numbers as words.   We used Discovery Puzzlemaker to create our own crosswords to practice these skills.


Revision – boring? April 27, 2009

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Last week in school we continued to work our hardest towards the SATs tests that we will be taking in a couple of weeks.   However if you read the blog regularly you’ll know that we tend to do things a little differently in Year Six.

This week it was the turn of something called ‘Spaced Learing’.   The ideas comes from neuroscience research on how the brain learns.  The research suggests that the brain creates memories in short sharp reapeated blocks with gaps in between – that’s where the spaced name comes from.   Pupils at Monkseaton School have been at the forefront of putting this idea into the Secondary classroom and some classes of GCSE students have achieved amazing results as a result.    If it’s good enough for them…



We built our session around solving maths problems.   Everyone had to complete two sides of revision questions (about 10 mins work) and then go outside and take part in a hula hoop challenge.   Then they came back in and did some more maths and another challenge.   We did this about 3 or four times.

And the square root of 49 is...

And the square root of 49 is...

Only time will tell how effective this has been, but we can say that it was a great session that had us all in fits of laughter at points and really brightened up our revision for the day!


SATs Challenge Day 9 April 14, 2009

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Hope that you all had a lovely weekend and got lots and lots of Easter eggs!   Here’s todays challenge.

N Piece Tangram

This is a great way to get you thinking about shapes.   It’s an ancient Chinese type of puzzle called a ‘Tangram’.   The aim of the game ise to rotate and position the individual shapes so that they all fit inside the bigger shape.   Once you get the hang of it the game is very addictive!   Have a go!


SATs Challenge Day 7 April 10, 2009

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Have a look at the new sidebar on our site.   Its shows a collection of videos that I’m putting together on MrKp’s Useful Videos.   There are some really useful short videos to help you remember things and longer ones to help you with how to do different calculations.

Today’s challenge is to try and learn one or even two of the songs that are on here.   Keep checking it out – we’re going to be adding to it ourselves as part of our SATs revision when we get back.


SATs Challenge Day 3 April 8, 2009

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Here’s another video to help you with your maths.   This time its how to use the grid method to multiply numbers.   The example here is multiplying a 2 digit number by a 2 digit number, but remember that you can use this for any size number including decimals.

Watch the video then have a go at some of the examples.

 Multiplication Worksheet