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Buy the Album February 8, 2010

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As we move towards the end of the Dance E-jay project we’ve started to think about selling our album.      We need to make lots of money to have a party, so we decided to make a radio advert.   We listened to a few TV adverts and tried to pick out some phrases that were thought would sound good on the radio.   It was very funny especially when one of the adverts started with ‘Come on you Nutters!’

We took a selection from the tracks that we made in Dance E-jay and then recorded our own adverts over the top using Audacity.  We tried to use some of the phrases that we heard and even added.   Here are our results, which would get you to buy the album?   Remember everything you hear has been made by a nine year old!

Reece and Daniel

Grace, Chantelle and Scott

Angel and Josie-Leigh

Jermaine and William


Dance E-jay January 14, 2010

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In Year Five yeasterday we started our unit on making Dance music using DFance E-jay.

We learned how to sort and select samples and began to put them into our own tracks.   It was great fun.   Hopefully soon we’ll have some music to play online and maybe even an album to release!


Slightly randomly here’s a video of Year 5 taking up their models at the end of our D+T week last term.   I forgot to post it then – sorry everyone!


Year 5 – African Music June 14, 2009

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During the half term, Year 5 created their own African Music using drums and other percussion instruments.  Some of the girls then got together and produced a dance to go with the music.  The results were FANTASTIC!!!   Look for yourselves.


Juniors Sing ‘Our House’ April 30, 2009

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Yet again Mrs Batty and the Juniors have come up with a musical masterpiece!   Have a listern and tell us what you think and what we could do to improve our performance!



Don’t Stop me now! February 26, 2009

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Mrs Batty has been working very hard with the children of the Junior Department on a new song enjoy!


Year Six Singing Performance February 25, 2009

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At the end of last half term Year Six performed a song for Year Five as a little suprise.  It was very complicated with different words for different groups, actions and percussion too!    Here is a short extract of the performance.