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Dance E-jay January 14, 2010

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In Year Five yeasterday we started our unit on making Dance music using DFance E-jay.

We learned how to sort and select samples and began to put them into our own tracks.   It was great fun.   Hopefully soon we’ll have some music to play online and maybe even an album to release!


Slightly randomly here’s a video of Year 5 taking up their models at the end of our D+T week last term.   I forgot to post it then – sorry everyone!


Year 3 DT – Water resistance March 16, 2009

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This week in DT year 3 have been testing the water resistance of different materials for their shelters project. We tested paper, fleece, sponge, card, cloth, cotton wool and lots of other materials.

After testing one material at a time we decided that in order for materials to be the most water resistant we would need to use a number of materials to support each other. The best we decided would be a bottom layer of sponge then cotton wool with cellophane across the top.

This video is from two weeks ago from the DT lesson where we tested the strength of different materials.


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Year 3 DT March 4, 2009

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Year 3 DTToday in DT year 3 have been investigating shelters.

We experimented how we could strengthen a piece of A4 paper.

We had to keep the A4 paper the same size and make sure that it was at the top of our shelter.

Year 3 DTYear 3 DT







We then had a test to see how many weights our strengthened paper could hold.

 Year 3 DT

Year 3 DT



 The winning shelter held 650g.

Year 3 DT