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Batman March 31, 2009

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Today we used this opening sequence to the Animated Adventures of Batman to write an exciting and descriptive story opening.   We have tried to concentrate on creating mood, atmosphere and pace to the writing.



Batman The Beginning
The lights shone through the shadowy clouds like a cat's eyes searching for its prey.   They stood there waiting, until it was clear to go.  The city skyline behind them looked like the shattered teeth of a giant miserable beast.  The city looked bleak dispressed.The howling wind blew through each cloud.
BANG!   With a tramendous force the door of the bank shattered into a thousand pieces.   The explosion was brightly coloured and sparks fell, floating down onto the dirty floor.   
Wind shivered down Batman’s spine, he knew something wasn’t right. He jumped into his Bat Mobile and raced off with wheels smoking. The caped crusader started to rev the engine of his metal beast, about to charge into action.
The villans started to run, their feet pounding on the moonlit streets.  Suddenly a glowing light appeared.   They sprinted even faster because they knew it was coming.
At last they saw him at the corner of their eye.   The end was closer.  Faster and faster they ran they ran just as much as their legs could hold it .   They  leapt onto the cobbled wall and started to climb like wild animals, their breath harsh and fast. Batman  flew high in the shimmering sky and  dropped onto the fragile roof of he building. He appeared as if from the moon-lit night like a deadly shadow.   He stopped, stared, relaxed and confident of his ability to save the city.   As they saw him the villain's eyes filled with fear, sweat poured down their for heads .
Robbers sat in the dark gazing up at Batman. Batman, looking down at the sly criminals, shone in the lightning bolts.  He stood tall and proud after his latest capture. The moon was a silver frame againest the black shiloutte. 

Year 4 Aboriginal Stories March 2, 2009

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Year 4 have been learing about Aboriginal culture.  We have written Aboriginal stories and created an Aboriginal mural.

My Aboriginal paintingAboriginal art year 4.Mr Kirkpatrick and his didgeridoo.

How the fire got to the desert


In Dreamtime, the desert’s dunes were as dusty as a feather duster. One beautiful morning a snake called Bangara sneakily slithered on the sand leaving unrecognisable tracks, he was the only one that had fire. The other unfortunate animals like the lizard, kangaroo and possum, had to eat raw insects. The only tree that could make fire was the ash tree but Bangara had all of them as well.


One blistering evening Bangara was carefully coiling up for his night sleep. When he was fully asleep Kangaroo silently crept out of nowhere and carefully tried to take the fire but he was too noisy, so Bangara woke up and hissed “I don’t want anyone to take my fire sssss!!!.” And swiftly swished his tail hitting Kangaroo on the arms, Kangaroo screamed in pain and slowly hopped away. Bangara carried on with his night sleep, it was not long before possum tried, but he also got painfully hit. Last to try was lizard he crept up, but quickly scampered away just before Bangara woke up and howled in anger like a wolf.


Back at the dry desert lizard, kangaroo and possum whooped in joy. While they were doing that Bangara was dimly eating his raw meat. Despite the lizard, kangaroo and possum taking his fire he had none of it left. Finally after a few exhausting weeks he had made friends with the lizard, possum and kangaroo. For years and years they shared food, shelter and water, and that is how the kangaroo uses its big legs to bounce and their arms are above their stomach.

By William


           Moral: Always Be Friends  



                                 The selfish lizard



A long time ago in dreamtime, there lived nasty creatures and kind creatures. The animals lived on scorching, hot deserts. The deserts had no grass and were extremely bare.


Luke the blue tongued lizard was the most treacherous animal on the desert, he never shared anything. Lizard always wanted to play tricks on all the other creatures, he would take their food and cook it with his own fire. He took all the fire and hid it in his house under ground. So the rest of the animals didn’t have one bit of fire.


Katie the kindest kangaroo on the desert had enough of eating raw food, so she decided to split Ronnie the rainbow snake and blow the bird up. So after a while they went off to search for the fire.


Rainbow snake slowly slid across the ground to lizards house.

But suddenly lizard saw him and shouted “what are you doing!” “errrr I am just passing by” the snake replied.

Later on that day bird swooped down and grabbed all the fire, and gave everyone a bit of fire.

A long while after that lizard asked  “can I be friends because I want to be kind.”   “Of course” they all replied so they all were friends.


That is why you should share because you will always get punished.








Mindmapping for Planning January 29, 2009

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Today we tried a little experiment that worked really well.   As part of our Literacy we had to invent a machine that could do our homework for us and then explain how it worked.

We used some mindmapping software called ‘Mind42’ to help us get all our ideas together.   It worked really well and was great fun.


If you want to have a go at you own mindmap then click on the picture, join and get started!


Character Descriptions December 2, 2008

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 Today we wrote some new character descriptions following on from our work last week on Wordle.   We really tried to use powerful language and created some movies using Photostory.   Here are our results.

 Thomas B and Deusa

Hanna W

Hannah and Demi

Dion, Courtney and Kaitlin.

Connor H

Alice, Gemma and Courtney.


Let us know what you think about our efforts!



Wordle and Creative Writing November 27, 2008

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Today we used a program called wordle to assess the quality of our character descriptions in literacy. Wordle is a program that makes ‘word clouds.’

We looked at a picture of a man looking over the edge of a cliff or well and wrote a 100 word description about him. We then used synchroneyes to look each others work and pasted it all into wordle.

We found out that most of us described the character using phrases like ‘he looked….’ Next time that we do this we are going to try and use much more powerful words to describe what we see.

I like what we did today because it was really intresting, we all wrote a story and on chat we all sent our story so it would appear on everyones.