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Mindmapping for Planning January 29, 2009

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Today we tried a little experiment that worked really well.   As part of our Literacy we had to invent a machine that could do our homework for us and then explain how it worked.

We used some mindmapping software called ‘Mind42’ to help us get all our ideas together.   It worked really well and was great fun.


If you want to have a go at you own mindmap then click on the picture, join and get started!


Concept mapping in Science November 25, 2008

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Thomas D:
Today we tried to make a diagram on plants and it was really great I really enjoyed it.It was amazing what you can do on the computer if you try to. It was really good to learn about if you didn’t know about plants and it was really interesting to know.

MrKp: I really enjoyed working with this today it was called 2Simple (2connect)

It helped the children see the links between the different Science vocabulary that they need to be able to use. There’s a lot for them to learn. Deusa wrote this list to show you how much vocabulary there is just for plants!

Pollen, fruit, sepals, petals, style, stigma, pollination, germination, anchor, leaves, stem, pollen, root, carpel, seed, sunlight, dispersal, germination, fertilization, stamen, lifecycle, photosynthesis, reproduction, absorb, ovule(ovary)