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Thoughts on Learning October 9, 2009

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Over the past few weeks we have been working together in a different way.   Almost all of our work has been in small groups and partnerships.   This has not been easy to do as we have had to learn how to get on with each other and cooperate in teams.

Mr Kirkpatrick asked some tricky questions to the children to try and find out what they thought about the past few weeks.


Chatting allowed in class! November 21, 2008

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Today was a really exciting day in Year Six, not because of the Christmas Production rehearsal, but rather for a new way of working that we have tried.

Over the past few weeks we have been using a program called Synchroneyes in class. It let’s me as a teacher see what everyone is doing on their laptops, which is great. We can also share each other’s screens and all sorts of clever stuff.

Today we took another big step forward in the way that we learn. We used the ‘chat’ feature of Synchroneyes to collaborate together and share information that we found out about a famous Victorian explorer called David Livingstone.

It was a brilliant way of working which let us share loads of information really quickly. As they say “many hands make light work!”

All the children were so focused on the task we didn’t hear the playtime bell!
Well done everyone.