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Platinum Behaviour Day July 22, 2010

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For our Platinum behaviour day the children worked with an artist to create a mural in our playground.

Rob helped the children to spray their initals on the wall and each child added their own picture.

We all had a fantastic day and the mural looks great!


We’re green. Are you? December 11, 2009

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This term Year 5 have been learning all about recycling and how to be more economically friendly. After much online research finding facts about what plastic bags do to our planet they realised how important it is to REUSE and REDUCE.

With Mrs. Hutchinson’s help they have made some fantastic reusable bags for their friends and family to take to the supermarket. This way they can reduce the amount of plastic bags they use and help our planet.



Putting our bags together


Dinosaurs in my office! June 24, 2009

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dinoYear 6 are busy reconstructing dinosaurs as a timed challenge. John, our caretaker used our new jigsaw to cut out the pieces from MDF using a template. It took him ages! The children have worked collaboratively to follow a set of instructions and create a model dinosaur. The best time so far is just under 25 minutes.


Aboriginal Art March 8, 2009

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Year 4 creating Aboriginal art.

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Year 4 Aboriginal Stories March 2, 2009

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Year 4 have been learing about Aboriginal culture.  We have written Aboriginal stories and created an Aboriginal mural.

My Aboriginal paintingAboriginal art year 4.Mr Kirkpatrick and his didgeridoo.

How the fire got to the desert


In Dreamtime, the desert’s dunes were as dusty as a feather duster. One beautiful morning a snake called Bangara sneakily slithered on the sand leaving unrecognisable tracks, he was the only one that had fire. The other unfortunate animals like the lizard, kangaroo and possum, had to eat raw insects. The only tree that could make fire was the ash tree but Bangara had all of them as well.


One blistering evening Bangara was carefully coiling up for his night sleep. When he was fully asleep Kangaroo silently crept out of nowhere and carefully tried to take the fire but he was too noisy, so Bangara woke up and hissed “I don’t want anyone to take my fire sssss!!!.” And swiftly swished his tail hitting Kangaroo on the arms, Kangaroo screamed in pain and slowly hopped away. Bangara carried on with his night sleep, it was not long before possum tried, but he also got painfully hit. Last to try was lizard he crept up, but quickly scampered away just before Bangara woke up and howled in anger like a wolf.


Back at the dry desert lizard, kangaroo and possum whooped in joy. While they were doing that Bangara was dimly eating his raw meat. Despite the lizard, kangaroo and possum taking his fire he had none of it left. Finally after a few exhausting weeks he had made friends with the lizard, possum and kangaroo. For years and years they shared food, shelter and water, and that is how the kangaroo uses its big legs to bounce and their arms are above their stomach.

By William


           Moral: Always Be Friends  



                                 The selfish lizard



A long time ago in dreamtime, there lived nasty creatures and kind creatures. The animals lived on scorching, hot deserts. The deserts had no grass and were extremely bare.


Luke the blue tongued lizard was the most treacherous animal on the desert, he never shared anything. Lizard always wanted to play tricks on all the other creatures, he would take their food and cook it with his own fire. He took all the fire and hid it in his house under ground. So the rest of the animals didn’t have one bit of fire.


Katie the kindest kangaroo on the desert had enough of eating raw food, so she decided to split Ronnie the rainbow snake and blow the bird up. So after a while they went off to search for the fire.


Rainbow snake slowly slid across the ground to lizards house.

But suddenly lizard saw him and shouted “what are you doing!” “errrr I am just passing by” the snake replied.

Later on that day bird swooped down and grabbed all the fire, and gave everyone a bit of fire.

A long while after that lizard asked  “can I be friends because I want to be kind.”   “Of course” they all replied so they all were friends.


That is why you should share because you will always get punished.