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Year 5 ‘Higher Futures 4 U’ Family Workshop. July 20, 2010

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Year 5 had a fantastic afternoon on Monday teaching their friends and family what they had learnt during the ‘Higher Futures 4 U’  course. The children showed our visitors a selection of the activities they had enjoyed during the course, including how to make a paper clip move using only the mind! 

Thank you to all those who attended, Year 5 loved teaching you about ‘Higher Futures 4 U’.


healthy eating July 17, 2010

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A healthy, happy sandwich!

Yum yum!

Anne showed us how our bodies work and told us how to keep them working healthily.

In year one we’ve been learning all about how to keep fit and healthy. A big factor in this is what we eat and drink, and Anne Healey (from the school nursing team) came into class to talk to us about healthy food and to make some exciting, healthy dishes which we all enjoyed.


Baking day! July 14, 2010

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Year four had a great time baking their biscuits ready for their biscuit sale.  The children have worked hard to create their own companies, they have used ICT to create letter heads, buisness cards and advertising posters.  The children used their evaluations from last week to create the perfect biscuit.  Yummy!                          










The sale was a great success and all of the companies sold out!


Altogether we made £48.55

During this topic the children have worked out prices and quantities in Numeracy, developed their persuasive language skills in Literacy and used ICT to develop their own adverts.

Thanks to Mr Williams and Mrs Hepburn for their help on both baking days.


Year 6 Money-Making Project Week 4 July 9, 2010

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Year 6 are still working hard on their money-making project.  This week Fortune Funds have been selling doughnuts, Cash Run have been making money with a ‘teacher treats’ afternoon where teachers were treated to a variety of treatments including foot spas, head massages and hand massages……all for a small fee, of course!

The jeep experience was won this week by Mrs Taylor’s husband!  It wasn’t a fix, honest! 

Next week we have decided to join groups to have one last monster money-making week.  We have already made enough to pay for our trip to Camelot, our leaver’s meal and still have some left over to go towards our holiday in Prestatyn!  Year 6 have also kindly offered to donate £25 to pay for the infant disco.  Well done Year 6!

This week’s totals are:

Cash Run £ 208.92    Taylor &Co.Enterprises £265.21   Fortune Funds £118.90

Making our grand total……£593.03!!!!!


Baking Day July 8, 2010

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Year 4 have been learning about food, we have decided to design and bake biscuits.

This week each group has baked 4 different flavour biscuits.

They have evaluated their biscuits using a questionnaire which they designed in literacy, they then asked children, staff and parents their opinions about their biscuits.

Each group will now decide on a final design, which they will bake next Wednesday.

The children will be selling their biscuits after school in the hall on wed 14th July, yummy!


Family Learning June 29, 2010

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Last week some of year 4 brought family members into school to learn with them.  Mums, Dads, Grandads and Grandmas joined us for a Literacy lesson which focused on England winning the 1966 world cup.

Visitors and children took part in a world cup quiz and prepared the commentary for the match.  They used the microphones to record the commentary and played it alongside the highlights.

The children and adults really enjoyed the session  and your work was great! 

Well done to everybody that attended.


Mrs Campbell

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Mrs Campbell will be the new Head Teacher at Charlestown while Mr Gauld is released to prepare the new school. Mrs Campbell is currently the Deputy Head teacher at Alder Brook Primary and many of our children already know her. She has been working with us for at least two years now and is really looking forward to being our new Head Teacher from September.