Charlestown Primary School

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CCTV Consultation December 8, 2009

Consultation on the use of CCTV


As you will know, we have a CCTV System installed at school. At the moment it is not operating and we would like to seek your views on the future use of CCTV at school. Our CCTV policy explains that cameras are used to monitor activities within the school and its car parks and other public areas for the purpose of securing the safety and well-being of the school, together with its visitors and to identify any criminal activity. We are consulting with parents and carers, children and staff and we will use your views as a basis for the Governors to decide the best way forward. Please let us have your views by Tuesday 5th January 2010 at the latest.


One Response to “CCTV Consultation”

  1. Jack ashton Says:

    i think the new rule is ridiculous mr gauld wouldnt look at us when we are getting changed the idea of them being covered when we are changing is good because we have security at night and we can use them in the day as well

    Jack Ashton year 6

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