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Mrs Campbell June 29, 2010

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Mrs Campbell will be the new Head Teacher at Charlestown while Mr Gauld is released to prepare the new school. Mrs Campbell is currently the Deputy Head teacher at Alder Brook Primary and many of our children already know her. She has been working with us for at least two years now and is really looking forward to being our new Head Teacher from September.


Firemen Visit Year 2 May 6, 2010

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As part of the children’s topic on the Great Fire of London the children received a visit on Wednesday from the Firefighters from Liverpool Street , Salford.

They spoke to the children about fire safety, smoke alarms and the importance of weekly  and the about the importance of not making hoax phone calls.

Lily dressed up in firefighters protective clothing. and we all looked around the fire engine and had a go at using the hose.

Year 2 had prepared questions to ask firefighters; Max, Nick, Ray and Ged from Blue Watch.

Demi asked-How long have you been a fire fighter?  Fire fighter Max had only been one for 18 months.

Molly asked – How many fire fighters do you need to put out a fire? It depends on the size of the fire. At the station there are 2 engines, one with 5 firefighters and one with 4 firefighters, so it can be between 4-98 a  firefighters.

Jenny asked-How do you save people if they are stuck in a tall building? We use a hydraulic platform.

Noor asked-What was the  first fire you put out? Firefighter MAx answered ‘The Spa Shop on Seaford Road’

Ethan Asked-How quickly do you get to a fire? Within 5 minutes

Skye asked-How many fire engines go to a fire? Depends on the size of the fire. Houses have 2; people inside the house 3 and small bins 1.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit from the firefighters and found it very interesting., as you see from the pictures.

Thank you Firefighters from Liverpool Street.


Say No To Bullying January 23, 2010

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We started our new SEAL theme this week with an assembly all about bullying. Children in each class are busy learning about bullying this half term; what it is, how we can spot it and what to do if you think that somebody is being bullied. All the teachers have discussed it at the staff meeting and Mrs Jones is reviewing our policies. If you are being bullied you must let us know and we will be able to stop it. Mrs Jones has a drop in every lunch time for children who might be worried or concerned about anything that is happening at school or at home. If you are worried that you or someone you know is being bullied why not drop in to Mrs Jones and have a chat. If we all work together we can ‘Say No To Bullying.’


Monks come to Charlestown December 7, 2009

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Today we had some very special visitors to our assembly.   Two Buddist monks came in to start to introduce us to their religion.   It was really interesting to talk about the things that all religions have in common and also the things that are different too.

We learnt that:

  • Buddist monks wear the same types of clothes all year round.
  • The orange colour of their robes comes from a dye made from tree bark that also acts as an insect repellent!
  • Buddism teaches respect and peace to all people.
  • Buddists have special celebrations like Christians.

Father Mark also commented that the reason both he and the monks wore one colour so that people were not distractedfrom listening to their message by looking at their clothes.

We’re really looking forward to seeing the monks again soom and finding out more about their religion.


Reception Parents SHARE Learning October 14, 2009

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Parents of childern in our Reception class came in to school today for the second SHARE session. It was led by Mrs Allcock and Mrs Jones. The children made ‘feely boxes’ out of shoe boxes and pieces of material. Everybody had fun and it was great to see parents and children working together.


Year 4 have been learning about the Tudor times October 9, 2009

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How did rich and poor Tudors live? Year 4 found out in our hot seating session.Copy of DSCF4976Copy of DSCF4969Copy of DSCF4985 

Year 4 had a very exciting vist from Sir John Radcliff, Mary and Ruth their housekeeper at Ordsall Hall.

Sir John, Mary and Ruth explained all about the Tudor Monarchs. 

Copy of DSCF5009Copy of DSCF5010







Then we played guess the artifact, which was lots of fun and very interesting.

What do youDSCF5027 think these items were used for?











We had lots of fun, but Sir John, Mary and Ruth had to return to Ordsall Hall to get ready for a banquet.

 Before they left, Mary told us how Tudors used to get rid of bad smells.

They made pomanders, we decided to make some.

The children used oranges and cloves to make pomanders.DSCF5087



It was a bit tricky, but our classroom smells amazing!


‘Lets Cook Together’ January 30, 2009

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Every Friday of four weeks parents and children are invited to cook together in the community wing at school.   They learn about healthy foods, cooking on a budget and try tasty new recepies.   Everybody then eats their food together and discuss what they like about it and how they created it.

The last of the sessions is next week, but there is another course starting on the 13th of March.   Anyone interested should contact school or Sarah at Family First.