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Baking day! July 14, 2010

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Year four had a great time baking their biscuits ready for their biscuit sale.  The children have worked hard to create their own companies, they have used ICT to create letter heads, buisness cards and advertising posters.  The children used their evaluations from last week to create the perfect biscuit.  Yummy!                          










The sale was a great success and all of the companies sold out!


Altogether we made £48.55

During this topic the children have worked out prices and quantities in Numeracy, developed their persuasive language skills in Literacy and used ICT to develop their own adverts.

Thanks to Mr Williams and Mrs Hepburn for their help on both baking days.


3 Responses to “Baking day!”

  1. veronica e. hawkins Says:

    I thought the kids in year 4 did really well.
    i think we have some young Dragons in the making.

  2. Denon Says:

    it was fun making them because we got to put all the ingredients in.

  3. Miss Formosa Says:

    Year 4 worked really hard during this project, well done!

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