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The Great Outdoors! June 28, 2010

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Year 6 have been making the most of the sunshine today and have enjoyed having their Literacy lessons out on the decking.  We were working on word ladders.  We had to start with a word, the next word must start with the last two letters of the previous word and must be at least 6 letters long.  Year 6 were aiming to make their word ladders at least 15 words long.  Here is an example:


Have a go, it’s not as easy as it sounds!!


One Response to “The Great Outdoors!”

  1. Mrs Roberts Says:

    erudite, technical, aluminium, umbrella, lathered, educational, altruism, smithy, hygienic, icicle, lessen, entourage, gentleman, android, idealistic….
    Phew!!! It wasn’t easy. Too many words end with the same 2 letters! Good luck, year 6!!

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