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Charlestown Vets June 3, 2010

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During the last half term, the Nursery class have been finding out all about different animals. We learnt about wild animals and where they live. We also found out about domestic animals and the pets we have at home. We talked about our own pets and how to look after them. A lot of the children have got dogs or cats, but some children have fish, snakes and even a parrot!

We turned our Writing Area into a vets surgery. We had a small reception area where the “secretary” could answer the phone and book patients in to see the vet. Children pretended to take their poorly pets to see a vet. We had a go at bandaging paws and ears. While we were in the waiting area, there were leaflets and magazines for us to read. If we pretended to be the vet, we got to dress up with masks, gloves, a hat and an apron.


2 Responses to “Charlestown Vets”

  1. Mr Gauld Says:

    The Nursery children really enjoyed learning about animals and vets. They looked very realistic when they dressed up as vets. Mrs Moody loves animals so she really enjoyed this learning theme too! Well done children!

  2. rebecca Says:

    its a good idea learning about animals and making a vet

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