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Family Learning June 29, 2010

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Last week some of year 4 brought family members into school to learn with them.  Mums, Dads, Grandads and Grandmas joined us for a Literacy lesson which focused on England winning the 1966 world cup.

Visitors and children took part in a world cup quiz and prepared the commentary for the match.  They used the microphones to record the commentary and played it alongside the highlights.

The children and adults really enjoyed the session  and your work was great! 

Well done to everybody that attended.


Mrs Campbell

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Mrs Campbell will be the new Head Teacher at Charlestown while Mr Gauld is released to prepare the new school. Mrs Campbell is currently the Deputy Head teacher at Alder Brook Primary and many of our children already know her. She has been working with us for at least two years now and is really looking forward to being our new Head Teacher from September.


Year 6 Money Making Project June 28, 2010

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Year 6 have been very busy with a new project.  We have split into three groups with one objective….to make as much money as we can!  We’ll keep you posted on the things we have been up to and how much money we have managed to make each week.  We are hoping to spend the money we make on lots of treats after working so hard all year.


This week we have split into 3 groups.  One group led by Mrs Laughton, one group led by Mrs Taylor and one group led by Mrs Batty.  Each group chose project leaders and names for their groups.  Mrs Laughton’s group is called Fortune Funds, Mrs Taylor’s group is called Taylor and Co. Enterprises and Mrs Batty’s group is called Cash Run.  Mrs Laughton’s group made some money running a competition where people had to guess the score of the England v.s Algeria match, Mrs Taylor’s group made some money selling chocolate brownies and Mrs Batty’s group had a go at washing cars.

At the end of week 1 Fortune funds made £30.31, Taylor & Co. Enterprises made £26.00 and Cash run made £38.50


After week 1 each group have really got the money-making bug.  Mrs Laughton has been working hard to get lots of prizes for a grand raffle……a meat hamper, a carvery for two and is currently in talks with subway!  Taylor & Co. also have two raffle on the go with prizes like a make-over at Harvey Nichols and an off-road driving experience at a castle in Crewe.  Cash Run have been very busy, selling toast and ice pops at break times, a guess how many sweets in the jar competition and a football card.

At the end of week 2, Fortune funds made £38.61, Taylor & Co. Enterprises has made £108.57 and Cash Run has made £108.17  It’s very close between Taylor & Co. Enterprises and Cash Run!


Things are hotting up this week, so far Lauren’s Dad has kindly made a cake for the Cash Run team and they are doing ‘Guess the weight of the cake’, they have also had a go at baking jam tarts and are planning a mini toy sale plus a spot the ball competition.  Fortune Funds have done really well with their sales of crumpets and chocolate rice crispy cakes and Taylor & Co. has a successful book sale as well as a name the teddy competition.  Now Mr. Gauld has helped us with making our spreadsheets so we can keep a good track of our finances.  Please let us know if you have any good money-making ideas!


The Great Outdoors!

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Year 6 have been making the most of the sunshine today and have enjoyed having their Literacy lessons out on the decking.  We were working on word ladders.  We had to start with a word, the next word must start with the last two letters of the previous word and must be at least 6 letters long.  Year 6 were aiming to make their word ladders at least 15 words long.  Here is an example:


Have a go, it’s not as easy as it sounds!!


Charlestown Vets June 3, 2010

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During the last half term, the Nursery class have been finding out all about different animals. We learnt about wild animals and where they live. We also found out about domestic animals and the pets we have at home. We talked about our own pets and how to look after them. A lot of the children have got dogs or cats, but some children have fish, snakes and even a parrot!

We turned our Writing Area into a vets surgery. We had a small reception area where the “secretary” could answer the phone and book patients in to see the vet. Children pretended to take their poorly pets to see a vet. We had a go at bandaging paws and ears. While we were in the waiting area, there were leaflets and magazines for us to read. If we pretended to be the vet, we got to dress up with masks, gloves, a hat and an apron.