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Manchester Museum May 11, 2010

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As part of their Ancient Egyptian topic Year enjoyed a visit to Manchester Museum.

As well as looking around all of the different exhibitions, the children also took part in an Ancient Egyptian workshop.

Year 4 were able to handle Egyptian artifacts, they also drew some of these artifacts.

They also spent time looking at the Ancient Egyptian exhibition, where there were real ancient Egyptian mummies.


12 Responses to “Manchester Museum”

  1. headcharlestown Says:

    dear year 4
    we are viewing your post in assembly. we fount it really interseting. keep blogging

  2. mabel Says:

    good good good not good

  3. kelly Says:

    that was a grate day and i love the blog

  4. Hannah Says:

    Great day i loved it can we do it again

    My little sister says” great pic’s I like the mummy’s. 🙂

  5. carell Says:

    wow i love it it is sick.

  6. Saskia Says:

    I loved this day we found out lots bout the Egyptians I loved it

  7. keely Says:

    i really loved it

  8. oliver Says:

    The trip was good and fab. 😀

  9. Sonny Says:

    I really enjoyed that day because we found out lots of interesting things about Ancient Egypt, we looked at real mummiess, real tombs and real jewerly and footwear, we saw a mummy who was 160 years old and a good singer.

  10. callie Says:

    irealy love it at the musiam miss cox and miss formosa

  11. callie Says:

    thank you for the trip it was a real good tirip thankyou x

  12. kieran gargan Says:

    I loved the trip because we got to see a real life mummy. And we also got to see the dinosaurs and inventions as well.

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