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Year 4 Project May 27, 2010

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Family Challenge

After the holidays year 4 will be learning about the world cup, I would like you to carry out a research project during the holiday.  You can ask your parents, brothers, sisters or any other family member to help you.

Geography – World Cup Family Challenge

You will be learning to:


Present information, thinking out how to set out clearly, use titles and sub titles.                                                                                                                                                                                      Use colour, maps and drawings effectively.Research information from papers, leaflets, magazines, the internet, television and books.                                                                          Organise your work showing order and making sensible decisions.

 Geographical understanding

Learn about different countries and continents.

  • Be able to show different countries and continents on maps.
  • Learn about different jobs and industries in countries.
  • Understand terms such as host country, continent, local, global, industries e.g. tourism.
  • Understand that each country has its own climate, and geographical features.

 You Could

  • Label a world map and show continents, main seas and oceans, different counties involved in the World Cup.
  • Research information about South Africa where the World Cup is taking place.
  • Draw a map / print a map of the continent of Africa and show different countries.
  • Draw a map / print a map of South Africa and show where the different football stadiums are.
  • Find out about what South Africa is like.     
    • The weather
    • Main features
    • Find out about what jobs people will have in order for the World Cup to take place.
    • Record results of matches and present information about this.
  •   What the main industries are
  • What South Africa is like e.g. is it big, small, does it have mountains, rivers?
  • What the main industries are.
  • Does it have any famous places? Does it produce and food?
  • How does South Africa compare to England?
  • Reasearch the different teams taking part in the world cup.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              You could also:
  • Find out about different players and where they come from.
  • Use pictures and information to show what South Africa is like or your country is like. E.G show pictures of animals native to South Africa.
  • Draw flags of different countries and show these on your World Map
  • Design a poster about the World Cup showing what South Africa is like.
  • Imagine you are going to watch the World cup – show where you would stay, how you would travel, what you think you will see.


What I am looking for:

  • A project which is well set out and shows you understand how to organise work and display it so it makes sense to the reader and is interesting.
  • A project which shows you understand that places in the world have similarities and differences.
  • A project which is exciting to read because it shows information in lots of different ways.
  • A project which shows you have thought about what a country is like and really teaches the reader about that country.

Explore the mind map using the link below for a range of web pages and ideas to assist you!


Behaviour Day May 26, 2010

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Behaviour Day.

Have a look at our behaviour day for Siver Credit Card holders. It included all sorts of activities. All the Staff decided which activities they were going to run and then children with a Silver Credit Card signed up for their chosen activites. We had a whole afternoon of saying well done for persistent good behaviour. It included cross stitch, board games, pizza making, cycling, a film, sports on the field and gardening. Thanks to all the staff for their hard work in organising it all.


Higher Futures 4 U!

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Year 5 have been taking part in a project called, ‘Higher Futures 4 U’.  The children have been learning all about the opportunities that are available to them when they leave school.  They can now name at least a hundred different jobs,  know which jobs they can get straight from school and those which need some further or higher education and can talk about the pros and cons of going to university.  The project has really helped the children to think about what they might like to do for a job in the future.  As part of the project, we are also going on a visit to Salford University and a world of work visit to the BBC in Manchester.  Once the children have completed these visits, there will be a ‘graduation’ ceremony at the Imperial War Museum North in July, complete with cap and gowns!


Egyptian Podcasts May 19, 2010

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Year 4 have been working together to produce Egyptian podcasts.

Kat Shaw from CLC came in to help.

Nile Blast!

Heavenly radio

Pharaoh FM

Open Your Mouth FM

Mummified Radio

Wow your podcasts are great!


Manchester Museum May 11, 2010

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As part of their Ancient Egyptian topic Year enjoyed a visit to Manchester Museum.

As well as looking around all of the different exhibitions, the children also took part in an Ancient Egyptian workshop.

Year 4 were able to handle Egyptian artifacts, they also drew some of these artifacts.

They also spent time looking at the Ancient Egyptian exhibition, where there were real ancient Egyptian mummies.


Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs

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Year 4 have been working in groups to research Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs.  This is what they found out.

Well done year 4!


Firemen Visit Year 2 May 6, 2010

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As part of the children’s topic on the Great Fire of London the children received a visit on Wednesday from the Firefighters from Liverpool Street , Salford.

They spoke to the children about fire safety, smoke alarms and the importance of weekly  and the about the importance of not making hoax phone calls.

Lily dressed up in firefighters protective clothing. and we all looked around the fire engine and had a go at using the hose.

Year 2 had prepared questions to ask firefighters; Max, Nick, Ray and Ged from Blue Watch.

Demi asked-How long have you been a fire fighter?  Fire fighter Max had only been one for 18 months.

Molly asked – How many fire fighters do you need to put out a fire? It depends on the size of the fire. At the station there are 2 engines, one with 5 firefighters and one with 4 firefighters, so it can be between 4-98 a  firefighters.

Jenny asked-How do you save people if they are stuck in a tall building? We use a hydraulic platform.

Noor asked-What was the  first fire you put out? Firefighter MAx answered ‘The Spa Shop on Seaford Road’

Ethan Asked-How quickly do you get to a fire? Within 5 minutes

Skye asked-How many fire engines go to a fire? Depends on the size of the fire. Houses have 2; people inside the house 3 and small bins 1.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit from the firefighters and found it very interesting., as you see from the pictures.

Thank you Firefighters from Liverpool Street.