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Rumble in the Jungle! March 29, 2010

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In Year 1 you may have heard strange sounds and seen even stranger creatures as we had a fun day ‘rumbling in the Jungle’!


14 Responses to “Rumble in the Jungle!”

  1. it was fun playing in the jungle and i liked rumble in the jungle day

  2. Sarah Says:

    Dear mrs robbets

    I loved to rumble in the jungle! it was so much fun. I can not wait to go in the garden centre I realy want to go in the garden centre!.

  3. Mrs Roberts Says:

    I’m really glad you both enjoyed ‘rumbling in the Jungle’! You’ll be able to visit our new ‘garden centre’ very soon, Sarah!

  4. mabel Says:

    not good in the jungle

  5. sarah touami Says:

    To mrs Robbets

    I loved your comment! but i realy, realy wanted to go in it!.

    love from Sarah.

  6. sarah touami Says:

    dear Miss gibbon

    I am so sorry i talked through you when you was learning i would never ever talk through you again.

    love from Sarah.

  7. Mrs Roberts Says:

    But Mabel-you never came in OUR jungle!!

  8. hi miss robets i liked the jungle very much and i like the garden centre too and what are you going to make next?

  9. rebecca Says:

    i liked it very very much

  10. rebecca Says:

    hi miss roberts what R U
    going to make next? please tell me

  11. sarah touami Says:

    I loved to go in the jungle i wish it was still in class!!!!!.

  12. Cameron Cavens Says:

    i loved it in the jungle can we have it again ………..i loved it

  13. sarah touami Says:

    I wish our jungle was still there but i realy loved it……………….SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. HAVE A NICE HOLIDAY!!!.

  14. Mrs Roberts Says:

    I hope you’re all ready for the last half term in year one! What would you like in our role play area? Any ideas?

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