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Year 4 Animation Project March 22, 2010

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Year 4 have been making animations.

The children worked in groups to plan a story board for their animation, they worked hard to make the sets and the characters.

They were then ready to make their animations.

Well done year 4 your animations are great!


9 Responses to “Year 4 Animation Project”

  1. Miss Harris Says:

    Wow, what fantastic work Year 4, very imaginative. I wonder if you could show Year 2 how to do it in the summer term?

  2. Mrs Roberts Says:

    Wow, year 4, you have been busy there making your animations! Watch out, Nick Park!!

  3. Mr Gauld Says:

    Well done Year 4. Your finished films are fantastic. I love the way that you have used your own voices. I have just watched them all with Ethan before we set off to school. He says, “I think the one about zombies getting married is hilarious!”

  4. Mrs Cooper Says:

    I loved your animations year 4. I bet you had a lot of fun making them. Well done to you all!

  5. Rebecca pratt Says:

    great videos but they are short

  6. olivia's dad Says:

    Really good animations. Very impressed with the effort. Well done.

  7. saskia Says:

    i had fun making an animation. i am very impressed with how much effort the class put into it xx

  8. Jack's Dad Says:

    Excellent work year 4, very entertaining.

  9. Olivia y4 Says:

    I think that they where all very good! Well done you put a lot of effort into this animation project.

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