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Art Week March 12, 2010

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During art week year 4 and year 2 learned about Native Americans and created artwork based on their culture.

Year 4 children learned about the Native American culture and then created buffalo skin drawings.  Whilst year 2 designed and created a totum pole. 

The two classes then joined together to design and make dream catchers, the year 4 children helped year 2 with the tricky parts!

Year 4 also chose a power animal which they considered suited their personality, they then researched and created drawings of their power animals.

 At the end of the week Councillor Cowen came into school to talk to the children about a project which he is currently working on.  He told the children that many years ago Salford had a totum pole situated at the docks, the totum was a gift to Salford from American Indians and was a symbol of good trade between the two countries.  However due to the development of Salford Quays the Totum was taken down and forgotten about.  Councilor Cowen is now in the process of having the totum restored and it will have a new place next to the Lowry theatre.  The children have been invited to attend the unveiling of the totum and will be joined by some American Indians.  All of the children are looking forward to this.

Salford's Totem Pole On The Move - (Part 7)

The children all worked really hard during art week and our art work is now on display in the hall and looks fantastic.


2 Responses to “Art Week”

  1. conduitofjoy Says:

    It is so great that these kids are learning about their power animals! I’m trying to get adults to learn about theirs on my blog.


  2. Miss Harris Says:

    Hi Year 2 and 4,

    It looks like you had a great time working together making the Dream catchers. The work you have created looks fantastic in the hall. Hope you are looking forwardto meeting real American Indians and learning more about their culture and art?

    Well done everyone!

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