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Hatching chicks in reception ! The Diary March 1, 2010

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Today the eggs have arrived!   We are very excited and can’t wait for them to hatch. We have had to learn how to look after them in the incubator. We think they will hatch on  Wednesday but we will be blogging every day for the next 2 weeks with pictures and videos.

Todays blog is written by Kane and Brooke;

Day 1

The eggs have not moved. They are keeping warm,the chicks are growing inside the eggs.

Day 2

The whole class decided that we should tell you that today one  of the eggs has been moving!  We know that this is a sign that the egg will hatch very soon. Keep watching !!

Day 3   (wow!)

written by Oliver and Thomas

Today some eggs cracked and 3 chicks came out.

They are cute.They keep saying cheep cheep!

We are really hoping that the other eggs hatch this evening !!   fingers crossed.

Day 4   ( what a surprise!)

The whole class wants to tell you that when we came into school this morning, there were nine fluffy chicks running around the incubator !

Today we put them in a bigger box ( a brooder) and we fed them and gave them water to drink. They seem very happy. They keep falling asleep as they are walking around ! They are very funny to watch.The children love to sit and watch the brooder, better than the tele!

The sad news is that the 10th chick did not hatch, it is sad but that’s how life goes, bless.

Day 5

Today we got to know the chicks a little better. We had to clean the brooder (ooh! poo! ) so we put the chicks on our carpet and we all held a chick , they seemed to like being held and some fell asleep on our knees!  Year 2 came to visit and they held the chicks too. We think the chicks were very tired after that as they went to sleep in their nice clean brooder.  Have a great weekend chicks, see you Monday.

Day 7

Today we sat  in a  tight circle and put the chicks in the middle of us to run around. We looked carefully at the chicks and talked about the things we liked about them. We noticed that the chicks have changed. They have grown real feathers on their wings and some of their fluff has gone. They have started to flap their wings  and jump,  they seem to be trying to fly! This made us laugh, as did the poo! ( ah, well!)


13 Responses to “Hatching chicks in reception ! The Diary”

  1. Mrs Roberts Says:

    Year 1 were so excited to see the incubator on their way through Reception today! We all can’t wait for the Big Hatch!

  2. We are excited about your eggs and want to wait and watch with you. We will check your diary daily and hope to see your what comes out of your eggs.

  3. Mr Gauld Says:

    This is really exciting! All the teachers have been coming into school and going straight to the Reception Class to see if they’ve hatched – we are all very excited.

  4. Cameron Cavens Says:

    Hope your chicks hatch tomorrow, look after them and keep them warm. Do you have any names for them yet. xx

  5. yearrcharlestown Says:

    Hi there Mrs. Bean and children in California!! Did you like the valentine display? Thanks again, and keep watching for more chicks!

  6. We loved the valentine display. We also loved seeing your video of the first baby chick. We hope to see a picture of them when they’ve all hatched.

  7. lisamarie Says:

    what a great idea mckenzie loves telling me all about the chicks he is looking forwrad to look after them over the week end with the help of his granddad x

  8. Thomas and Kate Says:

    Thomas has been very excited about the chick’s, he say’s they are soooo beautiful and he can’t keep his eyes off them!! What a good experience for the children!!!

  9. Amira Says:

    I think that the chicks are so so so cute

  10. Brodie and Mrs Batty Says:

    Brodie says: ‘The chicks are so cute. I wish I could cuddle them. I love the chicks!’
    Well done Reception class-what a great job you have done to look after the chicks so well!

  11. Charlotte Davey Says:

    the chicks are so sweet

  12. Rebecca pratt Says:

    i love the chicks there so cute everyday i looked at them and in afew days they went back to the farm and i miss them very much all the girls in my class loved them and me sarah thought they were cute and everyone in my class will miss them awwwww hope they have a good time on the farm they will be missed allot from rebecca xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. lacy winnard Says:

    Hi Reception looks like you are having fun looking after the chicks ,we have eggs in our class but they have not hatched yet love lacy x

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