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Rumble in the Jungle! March 29, 2010

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In Year 1 you may have heard strange sounds and seen even stranger creatures as we had a fun day ‘rumbling in the Jungle’!


Web Cam New School March 25, 2010

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For visitors from afar, we are moving to a new school in September 2011. We are amalgamating with nearby North Grecian Street Primary School into a brand new building.  Use this link to view the web cam where a new photo is taken every fifteen minutes during daylight hours.


Once the school is built we will ‘stitch’ the photos together to make a movie of the school being built.


Building Site

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The contractors have started work on the new school site. This photograph was taken from the top of a block of flats overlooking the site about six weeks ago. You can just about make out The Albion School in the distance at the top of the photo.


Its good to talk! March 24, 2010

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Over the last two months we’ve had over 1,000 hits on our website which is amazing! Unfortunately very few of our visitors leave comments for the children. if you visit and like what you see then please leave a comment for the children as it provides massive inspiration for them to keep working as hard as ever! Thanks.


Year 3 turns into a rainforest! March 23, 2010

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This term year 3 have been looking at the tropical rainforests of the world. We have found out all about the different countries where rainforests are, all the different animals that live in the rainforest, about the lives of the rainforest people and we even had a visit from Mr Gauld who came to tell us all about his rainforest adventure in Thailand last summer!

We have also been using a computer programme called photostory to create persuasive videos to save the rainforest from deforestation. Take a look at some of our photostories….


Year 4 Animation Project March 22, 2010

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Year 4 have been making animations.

The children worked in groups to plan a story board for their animation, they worked hard to make the sets and the characters.

They were then ready to make their animations.

Well done year 4 your animations are great!


Art Week March 12, 2010

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During art week year 4 and year 2 learned about Native Americans and created artwork based on their culture.

Year 4 children learned about the Native American culture and then created buffalo skin drawings.  Whilst year 2 designed and created a totum pole. 

The two classes then joined together to design and make dream catchers, the year 4 children helped year 2 with the tricky parts!

Year 4 also chose a power animal which they considered suited their personality, they then researched and created drawings of their power animals.

 At the end of the week Councillor Cowen came into school to talk to the children about a project which he is currently working on.  He told the children that many years ago Salford had a totum pole situated at the docks, the totum was a gift to Salford from American Indians and was a symbol of good trade between the two countries.  However due to the development of Salford Quays the Totum was taken down and forgotten about.  Councilor Cowen is now in the process of having the totum restored and it will have a new place next to the Lowry theatre.  The children have been invited to attend the unveiling of the totum and will be joined by some American Indians.  All of the children are looking forward to this.

Salford's Totem Pole On The Move - (Part 7)

The children all worked really hard during art week and our art work is now on display in the hall and looks fantastic.