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Say No To Bullying January 23, 2010

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We started our new SEAL theme this week with an assembly all about bullying. Children in each class are busy learning about bullying this half term; what it is, how we can spot it and what to do if you think that somebody is being bullied. All the teachers have discussed it at the staff meeting and Mrs Jones is reviewing our policies. If you are being bullied you must let us know and we will be able to stop it. Mrs Jones has a drop in every lunch time for children who might be worried or concerned about anything that is happening at school or at home. If you are worried that you or someone you know is being bullied why not drop in to Mrs Jones and have a chat. If we all work together we can ‘Say No To Bullying.’


3 Responses to “Say No To Bullying”

  1. Mrs Roberts Says:

    We had our first SEAL lesson this week with the story of Humpty Dumpty and the King’s party. We learned what bullying is and how to help people we think are being bullied. The children took part in the role play with great enthusiasm, whilst learning an important lesson.

  2. murcha Says:

    My year 10 students from 2009 were part of a ‘Leading Responsibly Online project’ set up by our Education department. As part of this they produced a movie on “Keys to Stop Bullying” which we put up on TeacherTube. They have had approx 1500 hits in the two months that it has been up. Bullying is a big issue for young people and the earlier they say “no”, the quicker we may be able to stop the bullying. Great to see that you used role playing with yours and all the best in keeping it under control.

  3. Sarah Says:

    I REALY *HATE BULLIES* one of my friends has *BULLIES*.


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