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Balloon rocket takes superhero messages! January 20, 2010

Filed under: School — yearrcharlestown @ 1:02 pm


Quick! write a message to the super heroes!!

Now the messages are safely attatched to the rocket we can set them off!


6 Responses to “Balloon rocket takes superhero messages!”

  1. Mrs Roberts Says:

    Well done, Reception, launching your balloon messages!

  2. Miss Harris Says:

    What a fantastic lesson x

  3. headcharlestown Says:

    Last week I heard a lot of excited noise coming from Reception so I went to see what was happening. It was very impressive to see ‘Superhero’ messages being delivered across the classroom. Well done Reception children. You have chosen a fantastic topic!

  4. Eboni Says:

    your message rocket was fantastic.

  5. Charlotte Davey Says:

    I fink it is fab

  6. Sarah Says:

    I was realy,realy scared of that noise but I realy,realy enjoyed it. love from Sarah.

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