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hi reception children ! January 8, 2010

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hello everyone !!

I hope you are all enjoying the snow and have made some great snowmen!

When we get back on Monday we are going to be thinking about super heroes and princesses!! We are going to be Ben10 and Spiderman and make omnitrixes and rescue princesses!! We are going to write secret  messages and fly off using our super powers!!

Sound  like fun? I can’t wait!! see you all Monday.

If you have any ‘finished with’ super hero figures ,princess dolls  or  comics about super heroes that we can use please bring them in!  ( don’t bring in things that you want back as they often get broken or lost at school )

Mrs. Allcock and Mrs. Mullinuex


5 Responses to “hi reception children !”

  1. Mrs Roberts Says:

    I’d love to see the omnitrixes you make-whatever they may be!!
    Sounds like you’re going to have a great time in reception!

  2. Phil Smith Says:

    Your comments sound very good, I will look forward to seeing some of your superheros on the blog soon!!!!

  3. michelle winnard Says:

    Hi reception its lacy ,I love my new school but miss you all ,I have made some new friends and can play with my cousin summer xxx

  4. yearrcharlestown Says:

    hi Lacy
    Great to hear from you ! We are so glad that you are settling into your new school. I have been talking to your new teacher and she seems really nice, she says you are very clever!! ( but we already knew that! )
    from Mrs. Allcock and Mrs. Mullinuex x

  5. lacy winnard Says:

    Hi again its lacy ,I love my new school and have made some new friends but still miss you all ,I got to see Amy in the holidays which was lovely .My new Teacher Mrs Allard told me you have been talking to her ,love lacy xxx

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