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Year 3 Homework January 7, 2010

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Wow, what crazy weather we are having children!

I’ve never seen so much snow. I hope you are all having fun out there, building lots of snowmen, sledging and having snowball fights.

While you’ve been busy playing, i’ve been busy planning our next topic which is called ‘Marvellous Medicines and Curious Cures.’ We will be reading Roald Dahl’s Georges Marvellous Medicine as well as finding out about medicines and cures from around the world and in the past. For example; did you know that in medieval times people used to put pigeon poo on their cuts and grazes to help them heal? Disgusting!

So, as we are going to be at home for the next few days you could try checking out some of these websites › Medieval England

If you would like to try some maths activities you could have a go at:

Or if you would like to practise your spellings, as always, you can go to:

We are on week 14 and your username is mrscoops.

Have fun everyone!

Mrs Cooper

p.s. Chloe M, Chloe B,  and Parmiss, I will get you back for those snowballs!!!


One Response to “Year 3 Homework”

  1. parmiss Says:

    hello mrs cooper
    about those snowballs we just loved it and even if you get me back i will keep throughing more and more!!!!
    and thank you for our homework
    have a great weekend and enjoy the snow

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