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Year 4 Mountains December 17, 2009

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 This half term year 4 have been learning about mountains.  Today they had a special visit from John Cunningham who is an experienced mountaineer. He has climbed mountains in the UK and in Italy, he has also completed the three peak challenge for the past 3 years.
 John showed the children the equipment needed when mountain climbing.



 If you would like to find out more about mountains, clinking on the image below.


Autumn Walk December 11, 2009

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Year 2 went for a Peel Park, to look at the changes that occur between the seasons. The children discovered that the  leaves begin to change colour and fall off the trees. That some trees remain evergreen throughout the year.


We’re green. Are you?

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This term Year 5 have been learning all about recycling and how to be more economically friendly. After much online research finding facts about what plastic bags do to our planet they realised how important it is to REUSE and REDUCE.

With Mrs. Hutchinson’s help they have made some fantastic reusable bags for their friends and family to take to the supermarket. This way they can reduce the amount of plastic bags they use and help our planet.



Putting our bags together


A new member to Year 2 December 10, 2009

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Yesterday a  new member of Year 2 was discovered in the Library. He had left clues in our classroom, we followed these clues which lead to footprints outside our classrrom. These lead to the stranger, reading a book in the Library, looking for a new home for Christmas. We discovered he had no name, so after consulting everyone we have named him Star. He has settled in well into our class. Keep a good look out for him, he might appear in your classroom!


Monks come to Charlestown December 7, 2009

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Today we had some very special visitors to our assembly.   Two Buddist monks came in to start to introduce us to their religion.   It was really interesting to talk about the things that all religions have in common and also the things that are different too.

We learnt that:

  • Buddist monks wear the same types of clothes all year round.
  • The orange colour of their robes comes from a dye made from tree bark that also acts as an insect repellent!
  • Buddism teaches respect and peace to all people.
  • Buddists have special celebrations like Christians.

Father Mark also commented that the reason both he and the monks wore one colour so that people were not distractedfrom listening to their message by looking at their clothes.

We’re really looking forward to seeing the monks again soom and finding out more about their religion.


Bronze Credit Card Day December 3, 2009

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Yesterday was the first of our school Behaviour Credit Card Days.  The vast majority of the school who have behaved well this term and recieved their Bronze award were invited to a cinema afternoon in the hall wearing their own clothes.  Mr. Kirkpatrick even told the children that they could bring in a chocolate bar too!   So much for being a ‘Healthy School!’

Everyone had a great time and it was well deserved!