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Year 3 D & T week. Pop Up Books. November 3, 2009

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DSCF5178DSCF5177DSCF5176DSCF5175DSCF5174DSCF5172DSCF5171DSCF5170YDSCF5169Year 3 have been making a pop up book this week. We based our book on the story of  Theseus and the Minotaur, which we have been reading in literacy. We practised 5 different pop up techniques at the beginning of the week, and then used these to create our class book. We found images and backgrounds on the internet to make our book look more professional and really took our time. Take a look at our finished book!DSCF5181DSCF5179DSCF5180


15 Responses to “Year 3 D & T week. Pop Up Books.”

  1. year3charlestown Says:

    I’m really impressed with your work Year 3. You all worked very hard during D & T week. I hope you enjoyed it!

    Mrs Cooper

  2. william Says:

    I thought d and t week was fun. I liked making the books and I liked getting the pictures best of all.

  3. Anugrah kumar Says:

    Me and Macauley realy worked hard but we were very slow at it

  4. Jenya Says:

    I enjoyd serching for theseas and areadne and king ajeeis
    It was very fun.

  5. marek Says:

    Doing the popups vas very cool and Ienjoijed the D,T week it vas the coolist day ever.

  6. jake bentlty Says:

    I liked making the popups it was the best D N T week ever on
    the planet.

  7. kai Says:

    I really liked charlies and mathieues they really really worked
    hard. It was fun working on thesus and minatour.

  8. connor Says:

    the dnt week was the desd .

  9. parmiss Says:

    I loved the pictures and I hope we could have another d and t week soon

  10. chloebrundrett Says:

    Mine and Parmiss’s are fantastic because we realy loved sticking
    the pictures on the cardboard.

  11. Charlie Says:

    I really like mine and math’s,its scary!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Amira khanji Says:

    I realy enjoyed doing our pop ups. It was just like playing. My parner was sadia we had lots of fun doing it. We done numbers 1 2 3 4 and 5.

  13. Mathieu Says:

    I realy realy enjoyed doing this . This was the best ever especially for me and charlie. Because we done theseus killing the minotuar.It took like 2 hours to do.

  14. Ethan Says:

    I’m in year 3 too and we have just started doing Greek Myths and Legends – I’m going to ask my teacher if we can do pop up books.

  15. Sarah Says:

    dear year 3

    I realy like what you have made. they where great! good work.

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