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Learn about the Tudors October 23, 2009

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This term year 4 have been studying the Tudors, they have found it to be far more exciting than they ever realised history could be.

As year 4 just couldn’t get enough of the Tudors, we have created an online learning experience, where the children can complete activities, play fun games and extend their knowledge of the Tudors.

Above each image or title you will find some notes and links each of which, when clicked on, will take you to some terrific Tudor sites.

Click on the image to open the link 

Click on the image to open the link


7 Responses to “Learn about the Tudors”

  1. denon Says:

    good picture of henry vlll

  2. oliver Says:

    that is very good 8) 🙂

  3. igor Says:

    a cool pictiure and a funny pictiure.

  4. keely Says:

    i really liked learning about the tudors it was very intresting and very exciting and i liked making tudor houses , tudor roses and the pomanders and i really liked the tudors coming in.

  5. carell Says:

    i like the pictures that you put on its cool.

  6. carell Says:

    i thought that the tudor family tree was great

  7. carell Says:

    the pictures were good

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