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Latest Assembly Song October 20, 2009

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Assembly Song


12 Responses to “Latest Assembly Song”

  1. year6charlestown Says:

    Well done everyone. You sound great! I’ve got a lot more songs up my sleeve for us to learn!

    Mrs Batty

  2. Mrs Roberts Says:

    I love this song. Well done to Mrs Batty and all the children!

  3. abdel rahman Says:

    is good

  4. headcharlestown Says:

    This song is really getting better every time we sing it together!

  5. denon Says:

    it was a good song by the school

  6. saskia Says:

    i loved singing this song it is one of my favioute

  7. igor Says:

    it was a cool song i must say


    it’s preety nice i love it. and i love the song.

  9. oliver Says:

    i liked it but it wasn’t better than the other one 8)

  10. REBECCA y1 Says:

    it was so fun singing i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvved it thankyou mrs batty for chooseing that song

  11. denon Says:

    mrs batty your the the best singing teacher i`ve haddddddddddd

  12. denon Says:

    your the best teacher at singing

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