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Year 4 have been learning about the Tudor times October 9, 2009

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How did rich and poor Tudors live? Year 4 found out in our hot seating session.Copy of DSCF4976Copy of DSCF4969Copy of DSCF4985 

Year 4 had a very exciting vist from Sir John Radcliff, Mary and Ruth their housekeeper at Ordsall Hall.

Sir John, Mary and Ruth explained all about the Tudor Monarchs. 

Copy of DSCF5009Copy of DSCF5010







Then we played guess the artifact, which was lots of fun and very interesting.

What do youDSCF5027 think these items were used for?











We had lots of fun, but Sir John, Mary and Ruth had to return to Ordsall Hall to get ready for a banquet.

 Before they left, Mary told us how Tudors used to get rid of bad smells.

They made pomanders, we decided to make some.

The children used oranges and cloves to make pomanders.DSCF5087



It was a bit tricky, but our classroom smells amazing!


11 Responses to “Year 4 have been learning about the Tudor times”

  1. keely Says:

    I really liked making those pomanders

  2. saskia Says:

    it was really fun learning about the tudors i never now they existed but now i do i really liked making the tudor houses and the pomanders

  3. igor Says:

    tudors are the besr thing i done.

  4. natasha Says:

    i liked doing about the tudors i would like to do it again

  5. oliver Says:

    i like pomanders because they smell really nice. 8) :]

  6. carell Says:

    i realy realy liked the pomandas because it was fun but the orange juise kept sqerting in my eye

  7. saskia Says:

    pomanders smell really bad but when they were hung up the classroom smell a little bit nicer

  8. keely Says:

    i really liked learning about the tudors i really liked making the tudor roses, the houses and the pomanders but they didnt smell nice but when we hung them up in the class they smelt pretty nice but when i walked in the class i got a massive wif of it because it was very strong and there was about 30 of them but miss parker and miss formosa said it smelt nice.

  9. igor Says:

    i was very pleased to join this school it for all of youse leyton rashid joao mrs formossa your sinsirli

  10. carell Says:


  11. saskia Says:

    when i first smelt my pomander i thought our classroom is going to smell really bad but when they went up the classroom smelt nice. i loved making pomanders !!!!!

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