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numeracy and literacy is fun in reception (with snails!) September 19, 2009

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a letter from the snails 





 This was a reply to the letters we wrote in reception to the snails. We had spent two days creating a park for the snails and insects in our garden to play in. The children used leaves, twigs , flowers, plants and logs to make slides, roundabouts and trees for the snails.

Then we all helped to write letters to the snails to tell them about their new park. We thought about all the sounds in the words and we all signed the letters in our very best handwriting.( all signatures can be seen on our writing display in the classroom)  We taped the letters to the tree in the garden.

The children were amazed to see the letters had gone the next day! They  were excited to see a letter addressed to them in our classroom from the snails!


2 Responses to “numeracy and literacy is fun in reception (with snails!)”

  1. Mr Gauld Says:

    That’s amazing! Snails that can write!!

    It looks like you are having some great fun in the garden – can i come and have a look sometime?

  2. abdel rahman Says:

    I need name of two books of english and maths to by it to help me in staudy at home

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