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Mini Sagas July 7, 2009

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Year 6 took over Miss Formosa’s job for a lesson to teach year 4 how to write ‘mini sagas’.

The children came equipped with their own PowerPoints to explain each stage.

Year 4 loved this lesson and produced amazing ‘mini sagas’.


I saw a cheetah and its face looked angry and it was sitting there in the trees and then it was chasing an antelope. Suddenly it ate the antelope to bits. It ripped it to pieces and killed it. Then it ran away with the antelope.The End. By Connor.


There was only one girl in the world she was sad and lonely and had no friends. Suddenly an angry giant came, then he drank magic water, he got smaller then they fell in love and got married.  They had a baby and her family came back HORRAY! The End. By Angel.   


A boy was lonely and he wanted to have a friend. He was walking then suddenly he fell through a hole. There were lots of trains and when he was there he met a friend. His friend was rich! Then he thought I DON’T WANT TO BE YOU’R FRIEND AGAIN! By Chantelle.


The boy climbed a mountain then he fell off. He found a spaceship. An alien started lumbering out, it was actually a mole! As it approached, a laser suddenly floated into his hand and then it clicked on. Next he was teleported to his home. How strange he thought.  By William.


There is a lost world under ground, mysterious things happen there like earth quakes that only happen under there. It is a dirty place, horrible animals live there. For example wild bears and lions who rip you to shreds. Ff you go there, YOU WILL DIE! You shouldn’t go there!!! By Cawley.


Did you know that a hound could rip you into midgy parts, and will eat you up? He lived in a world called Dracvila. His owner is a dreadful vampire killer. Nobody who goes to Dracvila comes back! The horrid hound is nice to it, but not to anybody else! By Reece.



One Response to “Mini Sagas”

  1. Mr Gauld Says:

    Excellent work Year 4. This is a really useful way of working – did you appreciate the support from Year 6?

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