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Finding out about Minibeasts April 30, 2009

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We watched these two snails move along the wood. They eventually went past each other.

We watched these two snails move along the wood. They eventually went past each other.

We could see lots of snails on the other side of our fence. They were all along the grass.

We could see lots of snails on the other side of our fence. They were all along the grass.

This half term Reception are finding out all about Minibeasts. This week we are learning about snails. On Monday morning it was raining and we saw lots of snails in the outdoor area. Some children managed to count 31 snails altogether.


We have learnt lots of facts about snails.

“Snails have hard shells.”    Sarah

“Snails have got thousands of tiny teeth on their tongue.”   Rebecca

“They have tiny eyes on stalks.”    Cobie

“They have feelers.”   Keenan

“We saw snails slither over each other.”   Cameron


Juniors Sing ‘Our House’

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Yet again Mrs Batty and the Juniors have come up with a musical masterpiece!   Have a listern and tell us what you think and what we could do to improve our performance!



Finding out about mini beasts April 28, 2009

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This week the nursery have been finding out about different mini beasts. Today it was a wet day so we went out side and looked for snails. The children were very excited to find so many snails. They watched carefully as they moved and peeped their heads out their shells.


Revision – boring? April 27, 2009

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Last week in school we continued to work our hardest towards the SATs tests that we will be taking in a couple of weeks.   However if you read the blog regularly you’ll know that we tend to do things a little differently in Year Six.

This week it was the turn of something called ‘Spaced Learing’.   The ideas comes from neuroscience research on how the brain learns.  The research suggests that the brain creates memories in short sharp reapeated blocks with gaps in between – that’s where the spaced name comes from.   Pupils at Monkseaton School have been at the forefront of putting this idea into the Secondary classroom and some classes of GCSE students have achieved amazing results as a result.    If it’s good enough for them…



We built our session around solving maths problems.   Everyone had to complete two sides of revision questions (about 10 mins work) and then go outside and take part in a hula hoop challenge.   Then they came back in and did some more maths and another challenge.   We did this about 3 or four times.

And the square root of 49 is...

And the square root of 49 is...

Only time will tell how effective this has been, but we can say that it was a great session that had us all in fits of laughter at points and really brightened up our revision for the day!


Charlestown Staff Going the Distance! April 21, 2009

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In three weeks time several members of school staff are going to be running 10km to raise money for Christie’s Cancer Charity as part of the Great Manchester Run.   Everone has been training hard and we are lookng to raise £500.    Any support that you can give us would be very welcome.   We have a donation site set up at if you wish to support us please click on the link below.   Don’t forget to say yes to Giftaid as this won’t cost you anymore, but it will mean that Christies get more!



1000 Visits April 20, 2009

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Amazingly our school blog has now recieved over one thousand hits since it started!   A massive thanks to everyone who has visited, commented and contributed to the blog, it is really becoming an important part of our school life – long may it continue.


Keep blogging!


SATs Challenge Day 10 April 15, 2009

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Have a look at this fantastic writing website.   Have a go at using some of the organisers to write different types of letters, reports and stories.  These are exactly the types of writing that you have to do in the SATs, we’ll be looking at this site after the holidays so get a head start by having a go yourselves.   Click the picture to go to the site.