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Year 3 World War 2 Food Rationing March 16, 2009

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Today some of  year 3 have spent the day learning about food rationing in World War 2. We discussed why food had to be rationed and the impact that the children felt this would have on daily life.

The children then made their own ration books which they would need to use in order to recreate their recipes from World War 2. The children used their ration book tokens to purchase the items that they would need to create their puddings and we discussed how far the rationed food would go in a family of four.

Year 3 History

The children worked in groups of four using their rationed ingredients to create either a vinegar cake, carrot cookies, carrot fudge and appley pudding.

Everyone was surprised at how much they liked the taste of the vinegar cake and the carrot cookies, although no one liked the appley pudding or the carrot fudge.


Year 3 HistoryYear 3 History


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Year 3 History                                                                              


2 Responses to “Year 3 World War 2 Food Rationing”

  1. Mr Gauld Says:

    I can’t believe that you’ve been making cakes out of vinegar!! It looks like you have been very busy finding out about life during the war.

  2. Mrs Roberts Says:

    I had a taste ot that vinegar cake and it was delicious!!

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