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Year 4 Science March 11, 2009

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year4Year4Year 4 have been learning about solids and liquids this half term.  This week, they were asked to solve a problem.  Each group of children were given a cup containing a mixture of solids (sugar and dried peas), and asked to separate them completely.  There was only one rule.  When the task was finished there must not be any sugar in with the peas and no peas in with the sugar.

The children came up with lots of ideas of how they were going to do this.  Most children settled on the idea of using a sieve, but some decided they wanted to separate the sugar and peas using their hands.  All the children found that they had some problems when they were trying to solve the problem, but they worked very hard together, as a team, to overcome them.


3 Responses to “Year 4 Science”

  1. year1charlestown Says:

    Teamwork is so important, isn’t it Year 4? We can accomplish so much by working together and sharing ideas. Well done!

  2. Mr Gauld Says:

    This is great work year 4. I was working with year 6 last week and they were revising this topic. They had to separate a mixture of sugar, salt and paper clips – can you think how they managed it?

  3. year1charlestown Says:

    You are real investigators, Year 4! Keep up the good work.
    It’s fun finding out about how things work isn’t it?

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