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Year 3 DT March 4, 2009

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Year 3 DTToday in DT year 3 have been investigating shelters.

We experimented how we could strengthen a piece of A4 paper.

We had to keep the A4 paper the same size and make sure that it was at the top of our shelter.

Year 3 DTYear 3 DT







We then had a test to see how many weights our strengthened paper could hold.

 Year 3 DT

Year 3 DT



 The winning shelter held 650g.

Year 3 DT


3 Responses to “Year 3 DT”

  1. Mr Gauld Says:

    This is very interesting work year 3. I’m interested in how you strengthened your shelters. It looks like the winning structure used cylinders. Could somebody come to my office and explain what you have found out?

  2. samantha h Says:

    These D.T lessons are BRILLIANT!
    Thank you Miss Tench,this is what I think of it 🙂

  3. keely Says:

    that was sooooooooooooooooooooooo good hahahahahahahaha xxx

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