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Year 5 World War 2 presentations March 2, 2009

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Year 5 have been learning about World War 2 and the important people asssociated  with it. They have created their own stories about what it would have been like to have lived through the blitz. The children enjoyed creating these stories and we have you enjoy them.


Jack and the air raid


It was a freezing cold night, it was 1942 and there was a destructing war going on between Great Britain and Germany. That night Jack was asleep and his parents went to the pub for a quick drink. But his parents got drunk and forgot about him and they heard an air raid siren go off so they ran to the shelter. Meanwhile he was still in bed cold, frightened and alone.


He had heard the siren and remembered what his teacher Miss Harris had told him “when you hear the siren wait 15 seconds so your eyes can get used to the dark”. So he did 15 seconds he waited he heard the plane engine getting louder and louder. he approached his parents room but as I turned the cold handle shakily he noticed his parents were not there, so he ran out side and headed to the nearest shelter, but on the way he saw his neighbour who people called Aunt Sally and said no no no why here she didn’t deserve to be bombed and nearly killed and he carried here to the London underground railway system and she said thank you, you are a real good boy and hugged him. He heard a bomb drop and he got really scared like any 10 year old would Aunt Sally was scared too. Then he heard a noise of a drunken singing couple, and he felt reassured. It was mum and dad so he ran up to them and hugged them and held them tight, he said “do not ever go to the pub and leave me alone” his mum said “what is Aunt Sally doing here” “I carried her here” I said “oh you are a good boy” and fell over on dad because they were really drunk. I just laughed and said “that’ll teach them not to leave me on my own and not go to the pub, well not in he middle of an air raid but when its over they will be in there every night” aunt Sal laughed and said “ don’t be cheeky but you are right”.

And I and my parents moved in a house with Aunt Sal. They moved to the country in a little village in Yorkshire because my mine and aunt Sal’s house has been blown up the house was a lovely cottage in the middle of Yorkshire.             

 By Jack


The Explosive Night


If you are reading this I am dead!


My story begins in 1940. I started to hear an explosion. But I just lay there.  Finally I got out of bed. I went outside and before my eyes I saw total destruction.


I stepped outside in to the unknown. I saw planes flying above my head. Then I heard a cry for help. I ran to see. I saw someone trapped under the rubble and I started to help them. I didn’t feel scared and I just managed to pull the boy from the rubble just be fur a bomb was dropped. We ran for our lives.


We saw roaring fires and people running and we heard screaming. We turned around and we saw somebody trapped in the houses. A bomb was heading street for the house. It hit the house and then it exploded.


After the smoke had cleared, we saw the house was nothing more than tonnes bits of rubble. I felt really angry about what they were doing.


We kept running and the boy said to me thank you for helping me. We ran to the air red shelter and the we fell to sleep.


By Adam

     Thursday 12th February 2009

  The day the blitz started

One dark winter’s night in the centre of London, I was snuggled tightly and safely into my cosy bed. As I was sleeping I was tossing and turning. A second later I heard the wailing of a loud awakening noise approach.       I awoken with a start and leapt right out of my bed. At first I heard the loud squealing of a siren. I crept slowly into my mothers and fathers room. The door screeched as I opened it slightly. Suddenly I heard a loud BANG! I knew for shore it was a bomb landing. I scurried into my mums room to see she wasn’t there ,I searched the house but the only thing I seen was darkness. Very calmly I walked out of the house. I seen the aeroplanes chasing me so I had to run as fast as I could, Luckily there was the warden he safely picked me up and carried me to the bomb shelter. As I walked down the steps of the shelter I seen my mother lying silently on the floor. I pulled her towards me and I felt her pulse, just then I burst into tears there was no pulse on my mum she had died. The warden tried to calm me down but I didn’t listen. After the planes had finished and there was nothing but blackness. The warden was so kind to me that he brought me up and he’s still with me today. I still live in the same house because it has all my memories there.  

By Lauren  












8 Responses to “Year 5 World War 2 presentations”

  1. Mr Gauld Says:

    I think that Adam’s story opener is amazing!! Well done Adam!

  2. joy leach Says:

    I followed the link from your great comments on Hopeblog and found these terrific stories . Well done to you all – I’ll point them out to everyone here.
    Mrs Leach TA

  3. Jack ashton Says:

    I am quite happy to have my work being put on the blog and my mum was proud.

  4. lauren Says:

    I’m quite happy my works been put on the blog I’ve read it a couple of time and its really good.

  5. katie Says:

    y5 good wold war2 storys they are all great

  6. year1charlestown Says:

    Wow year 5-your stories are really powerful! My dad was a soldier in world war 2 and he’s told me lots of stories about it.
    I hope you enjoyed finding out about it.

  7. Miss Harris Says:

    Year 5 I am realyy proud of all your stories. You have worked really hard on them and created some very descriptive stories.

  8. Renn x Says:

    Well done everyone. especialy lauren becuase she is my cousin 😀 -Renya

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