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Year 3 Olympic Games March 2, 2009

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Year 3 have been learning about the Ancient Greeks. At the end of the unit we had our own Olympic Games and split into 5 teams Athens, Argos, Sparta, Conrinth and Megera Year 3 Olympic Games 

The Olympic games begun at Olympia in Greece 776 BC.There is a four-year period between games. The games were staged in the wooded valley of Olympia in Elis. The greatest shrine was an ivory and gold statue of Zeus.  Saskia

 Olympics began at Olympia in Greece in 776 bc. The Olympics were held every four years they ran wrestling and boxing and long jump. The Olympics were a honour of zeus. Chloe

Once every four years, men from all over Greece came to compete in a great athletic festival in Elis, in western Greece (women were not

allowed). Because the games were to hard and you need to be strong and powerful. Jack W

Year 3 Olympic Games


What we did

The first challenge was to get the hoops round our team .Athens was 1stplace and my team was in second place and Corinth third place.Our second challenge was to get the ball though our legs and hands. The third challenge was to get cones like bowls and normal cones the each teams played verse other teams. First we versed Sparta Argos won [we won].We had a skipping race it was fun. THE FINAL CHALENGE was to run with the ball it was relay we had our results in class. Oliver

Year 3 Olympic Games

We hd a race with skipping ropes and I raced then it was time to play the cone game where you had to turn the cones over whilst the other team tried to turn them back. I came first.It was fun.Joao

 Year 3 Olympic Games

First we played the hula-hoop game we needed to gat the hula-hoop around you and you can’t touch it, and played the ball game you got to get it over you and under you. And than we played the cone game and turned the cone around and then we played the skipping game and we skipped to the fence and back again, then we played the running game and we got a ball and we ran with the ball to the fence and back and give it to our players. Leyton S

 It is great fun at the Olympics and I liked it. I was in Athens and I liked playing the game where we passed the ball over our heads and under our legs. I liked playing all the games. Jamie Lee

 Year 3 Olympic Games

We had five flags they were called Athens Corinth Argos Sparta and Megara. The first game we played was you had to get in a circle and hold hands and try to get it over you Athens came first. The second game we played was you had to get in a line and person at the front passes it back by putting it underneath throw there legs and the person be hind will get it and put it over there head and it will carry on second to win was Corinth.Carell


At school we carried out a Greek  Olympic games. We had five teams called Sparta, Argos,  Corinth, Athens  and Megera.  We  played with  balls and  ropes and we  had    flags  and cones we had to work as a team and turn the cones around the right way the other team had to turn them the wrong way. Kieran


At the Olympics we played a lot of fun games and running races. Then we played jumping races and skipping races. Then we played a cone game and at the end we played a relay race Sonny 

Year 3 Olympic Games

 There was five different groups and we played some games and we sat down next to our flags. When we first got in the playground we stuck are flags in the mud on the ground. The games we played were skipping and over and under and also relay   there were about six more games we played the Argos group played first and then they sat down whilst the others played the games. Natasha


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2 Responses to “Year 3 Olympic Games”

  1. Mr Gauld Says:

    wow! I’m amazed at how much you have learned. It sounds like you really enjoyed your topic and I’m glad that you were able to learn about other cultures from many years ago. It was a great idea to finish your topic off with a re-enactment of the olympic games.

  2. Mrs Batty Says:

    Wow! That looks like so much fun Year 3. I bet you have really enjoyed learning about this topic!

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