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Easter March 31, 2009

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dscf2259Father Mark helped us to understand the Easter story on Monday. He brought palm leaves, just like the one used to welcome Jesus into Jerusalem 2000 years ago. All children have been given a palm cross to help them think about holy week.



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Today we used this opening sequence to the Animated Adventures of Batman to write an exciting and descriptive story opening.   We have tried to concentrate on creating mood, atmosphere and pace to the writing.



Batman The Beginning
The lights shone through the shadowy clouds like a cat's eyes searching for its prey.   They stood there waiting, until it was clear to go.  The city skyline behind them looked like the shattered teeth of a giant miserable beast.  The city looked bleak dispressed.The howling wind blew through each cloud.
BANG!   With a tramendous force the door of the bank shattered into a thousand pieces.   The explosion was brightly coloured and sparks fell, floating down onto the dirty floor.   
Wind shivered down Batman’s spine, he knew something wasn’t right. He jumped into his Bat Mobile and raced off with wheels smoking. The caped crusader started to rev the engine of his metal beast, about to charge into action.
The villans started to run, their feet pounding on the moonlit streets.  Suddenly a glowing light appeared.   They sprinted even faster because they knew it was coming.
At last they saw him at the corner of their eye.   The end was closer.  Faster and faster they ran they ran just as much as their legs could hold it .   They  leapt onto the cobbled wall and started to climb like wild animals, their breath harsh and fast. Batman  flew high in the shimmering sky and  dropped onto the fragile roof of he building. He appeared as if from the moon-lit night like a deadly shadow.   He stopped, stared, relaxed and confident of his ability to save the city.   As they saw him the villain's eyes filled with fear, sweat poured down their for heads .
Robbers sat in the dark gazing up at Batman. Batman, looking down at the sly criminals, shone in the lightning bolts.  He stood tall and proud after his latest capture. The moon was a silver frame againest the black shiloutte.  March 30, 2009

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Year 4 have been writing poetry about the sea. 

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Connor, Callum F, Scott, Liam and Jordan have worked together to write and record this poem.

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Written and recorded by Reece, Ebony, Jawdat and Jack.

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Written and Recorded by Cawley, Chantelle, Kaylun, Shelby and Virag.

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Written and recorded by Angel, Saskia, Katie and Grace.

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Written and recorded by William, Daniel, Callum L, Josie-Leigh and Danielle.


Street Dance in Year Six March 27, 2009

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Today Year Six learnt a street dance in PE.   All of this was coreographed and learnt in one session.   I think you’ll agree that it’s very impressive in such a short space of time!


Working hard? March 25, 2009

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In Year Six today we gave ourselves a little reward for all the hard work that we’ve been doing in preparation for SATs.   We had a lovely relaxing time with tea and biscuits!

Year Six having a brew!

Year Six having a brew!


PGL March 24, 2009

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Our recent trip to PGL was a great success. 32 Children from years 3, 5 &6 went to Boreatton Park in Shropshire and had a fab time. They worked as a team, they looked after each other, they suported each other and helped each other. I was proud to be the head Teacher of such a well behaved group of  children. We received many positive comments from the staff. Well done everybody!

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Revision Tips Numeracy.

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Here are some fantastic websites for you to have a look at Year Six for when you are practicing for your SATs over the next six weeks.   Click on the links and  have a look around the sites – print off some practice questions and have a go.


REMEMBER – A LITTLE AND OFTEN is t he best way to revise.

  1. Past papers    This is a fantastic resource for year Six courtesy of Cottam Primary School.   The teachers have organised the past papers into all the different areas of the curriculum.   Print off the questions that you need and have a go!   There are even answers provided.
  2. Numeracy Revision   Once again from Cottam Primary School this set of homework revision sheets provides a really simple revision program for all the key areas of Numeracy.   Use this to practice your skills before trying out the past papers.
  3. Things you find difficult    If you know that you find one part of Numeracy difficult then have a look at this site from the amazing Coxhoe Primary School.   This has every possible link that you might need to practice any area of the Numeracy curriculum.
  4. Use your booklet to look up any of the skills that you need to brush up on.