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Some Great Presentation February 10, 2009

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Today we worked on openings in Year Six using :

  • Dialogue
  • Action
  • Description

There was some really good quaility discussion and writing and Mr. Kirkpatrick was very pleased.   We also decided to take extra care with our presentation skills and voted on our tables for the children that we thought had taken the most care.   Here are their books for you to see!



11 Responses to “Some Great Presentation”

  1. deusa Says:

    Hi y6 your work is very neat!

  2. Hannah N Says:

    Everyones work was very neat and especially the ones that went on the blog!
    Well done!!!!

  3. headcharlestown Says:

    I was very pleased to see the high quality of work in year 6 today.

    I have a recommendation: I noticed that some of you were not starting speech with a capital letter (the rule is that all speech starts with a capital letter even if it is in the middle of a sentence).

  4. demi Says:

    Hi everyone that work is really neat. 🙂

  5. lauren Says:

    Hi year six I really do love the handwriting and I would love to write like that.

  6. dion Says:

    I’m really proud of everyone for doing really neat work!

  7. alice k Says:

    Wow I love all of our work that we have done.

  8. natashab Says:

    I wish I could write like that!

  9. angelY4 Says:

    The work was realy neat I enjoyed reading it.

  10. saskia york Says:

    i am realy proud year 6 doing there best peace of work this half term they tried there best to do there net good setting out .

  11. saskia Says:

    very neat hand writing year 6

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