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Whats going on here? February 9, 2009

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This week Mrs Batty appeared in school wearing a rather unusual hat.   She said that it was something to do with what was going on in her classroom.   Could Year Two tell us anything more about what was going on?


7 Responses to “Whats going on here?”

  1. headcharlestown Says:

    I noticed that year 2 were in the hall today pretending to be Victorian children. I heard them talking about what they were going to do after they had finished working at the mill. I would love to see the writing that you produced after that.

  2. Year 2 Says:

    Mrs Batty was pretending to be Miss Jackson who worked in the apprentice house at Quarry Bank mill in Styal. The apprentices were children who worked in the mill. Yesterday we pretended to work in the mill. Miss Jackson woke us up with the noisey bell at 5am!!! We got dressed, got our breakfast and went down to the mill. We took our shoes and socks off in case our clogs set off sparks. We pretended to be the spining Jenny pulling the ropes and Declan and Sadia went under the machines to get the cotton. Mathieu and Amira were the bosses.
    We liked like. It was fun and exciting!
    If you would like to find out more, please have a look on the Year 2 blog.

  3. kirsty Says:

    Funny costume mrs batty you look cool ha ha ha ha!

  4. igor Says:

    look at mrs batty.

  5. saskia Says:

    good costume mrs batty xx

  6. saskia Says:

    good costume for the victorian days great!!!!!!!!

  7. Olivia y4 Says:

    very funny miss batty

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