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Victorian Schools – a thing of the past? February 5, 2009

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This week we have been looking carefully at what life was like for those children who were lucky enough to go to school during the Victorian era.   We compared their experiences to our own by reading parts of Dicken’s ‘Nicholas Nicolby’ and doing research on the internet.

Once again we used mind maps to plan out our ideas and paid particular attention to finding our own style and ‘voice’ as writers.   Click to hear our results.


Alice and Demi Victorian Schools    Paige and Dion Victorian Schools   Hannah N and Siobhan Victorian Schools   Deusa and Sharmaine Victorian Schools  Darren and Thomas Victorian Schools   Charlie and Hanna Victorian Schools   Anthony and Connor D Victorian Schools  






5 Responses to “Victorian Schools – a thing of the past?”

  1. lauren Says:

    Mr Kirkpatrick! I like the picture but did Victorians really look like this?

  2. Mr Gauld Says:

    Great work Year 6. I have been showing this post to lots of people (or letting them listen to it). They are really impressed at how well you have got to grips with the subject of Victorian school life. I saw two of you recording your work. It looked incredibly easy. The blog is generating interest from around the world with many visitors. Keep posting!

  3. Siobhan Says:

    That was a really fun way to learn, what i want to know is all that definitely true if it is then that is cruel.

  4. Hannah N Says:

    It was so funny doing it and listening to it after.
    I really enjoyed it!

  5. katie Says:

    Some cute pictures of all y2 dressed as the olden days.

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