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50 Word Stories February 2, 2009

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This afternoon we had the challenge of writing an interesting story in only fifty words.   Here are our results.



Puss in boots sat on a rock and pocked his feather through his hat, he polished his boots. His evil twin put his mask on he was a crook, who had been in prison for three hundred times and escaped puss was shocked and he hid in the room scared.



A mysterious man stood on the cobbled street swinging around the lamppost again. The pixie popped its pointed ears out between the daisies, her nose wrinkled in anger because of the noisy man. So she fired u her black wings, immediately all the daises disintegrated. Furiously.  The man stared …



Instantly a girl screamed. The girl’s dad was listening to his daughter’s phone. The girl was kidnapped and taken some where. The girls farther told her to say everything she saw. What she said was recorded on the phone. Part of the girls phone was smashed. He looked around…


Hanna W:

Music pumped, lights flashed, the candyfloss smell in the air. The girls absolutely loved the haunted ride so they went there first. They gave the owner the tickets and hopped on. It started. It was fun but in the middle of the ride a coffin opened and out fell a dead man.


Connor D:

The town was in darkness, it was midnight.

The stars were twinkling  at each other with happiness

BANG! went the Zoo’s gates.

 A Bald eagle glided threw his window and perched himself on a stool.

“Hello bird” said Jack

“Hello human”

“Arrrrrrrrrrrrr who are you?”

“I am Excalibur.”



Ashley sat alone on the stairs watching all her friends having fun. The music pumped louder and louder. Marcus walked over to Ashley “Here I brought you a drink” “Thanks Marcus”. As their eyes met they instantly fell in love. Love hearts flashed in front of his eyes.


Hannah N:

The creaks amongst the corridors were strangely getting louder and louder. Both girls were getting shivers down their spines. “One last room to visit!” revealed Vanessa to Olysia. They took a step forwards and suddenly heard a baby’s cry. Immediately, they ran out of the spooky, old, house … well tried.



Sara lost her sister in a swimming accident last year. Know she is back to get her revenge on Sara, for not helping her. Sara has never been swimming since, her sister waited in the shadow silently. Then Sara went home. ”HELP” she cried her last words, know they both wait. 



An albatross glanced down casually between the gaps in the clouds towards the near deserted tropical island.   Beneath the gently lapping waves fish disappeared like silvery shadows left and right.   He swam lazily towards the pristine coral, little realising the danger about to unfold.   


It lay ominously beneath the waves waiting silently.







6 Responses to “50 Word Stories”

  1. Mr Gauld Says:

    There are some very interesting stories here. I think it’s really hard to work within such a small word limit but you’ve done a great job.

  2. Hi Charlestown Primary School.
    Raffa Bearnitez and I think your writing is great. Keep it up!

  3. 1stAngel Says:

    I tried this once and failed miserably. Well done all of you!

  4. Pam Thompson Says:

    Well done on some interesting stories in only 50 words. I may get my class to have a go at that.

  5. paige Says:

    I would love to see other people 50 word stories . it was very hard … 🙂

  6. Mrs Roberts Says:

    You’ve left me wanting to read more!

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