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And the Snows Came… February 2, 2009

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This was the scene at school last week.   The whole of the UK was covered in snow, but all the children and Staff at Charlestown made it in to school.   What a great day we had!

Mr Gauld gave everyone extra playtime to really get out in the snow and enjoy it whist it was there.   We had a snowman competition and a snowball target throwing competeioin with Mr Gauld as the target!   We won’t see many more days like that one for a while.



3 Responses to “And the Snows Came…”

  1. headcharlestown Says:

    I remember being so excited when I was a child, seeing the snow falling and having snowball fights. We had some great fun – I didn’t mind being a target for snowball throwing; accuracy was very poor so I hardly took a hit!

  2. jack y4 Says:

    It was really fun!!!!!!

  3. jack y4 Says:

    It was really fun espessially when we got to throw snowballs a Mr Gauld.

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