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Mindmapping for Planning January 29, 2009

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Today we tried a little experiment that worked really well.   As part of our Literacy we had to invent a machine that could do our homework for us and then explain how it worked.

We used some mindmapping software called ‘Mind42’ to help us get all our ideas together.   It worked really well and was great fun.


If you want to have a go at you own mindmap then click on the picture, join and get started!


3 Responses to “Mindmapping for Planning”

  1. Iain Hallahan Says:

    Looks good! Did you keep a copy of the homework robot mind map? I have a rather large essay coming up soon……

  2. lauren Says:

    That mind map that you did was good Mr Kirkpatrick.

  3. nyall Says:

    wow year 5 that mind map is great

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